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Question;26. The move toward individual marketing mirrors the trend;in consumer _________.;a. backlash;b.;self-marketing.;c. dialog marketing;d. niche marketing;27. All of the following are considered to be major;variables for segmenting markets;EXCEPT;a. geographic;variables.;b. trait variables.;c. demographic;variables.;d. psychographic;variables.;28. If a marketer attempts segmentation of a market by;dividing the market into different;units based on;nations, regions, states, counties, cities, or even neighborhoods, then;the marketer is;practicing ____________ segmentation.;a. demographic;b. geographic;c. political;d. cartographic;29. When Campbell Soup makes Cajun gumbo soup for Louisiana;and Mississippi and nacho cheese soup for Texas and California, it is;practicing _______________ segmentation.;a. geographic;b. demographic;c. psychographic;d. behavioral variable;30.All of the following;would be ways to segment within the category of psychographic segmentation EXCEPT;a. social class.;b. occupation.;c. lifestyle.;d. personality.;31.All of the following;would be ways to segment within the category of behavioral variable;segmentation EXCEPT;a. occasions.;b. user status.;c. loyalty status.;d. lifestyle.;32.;factors are the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups.;a. Geographic;b. Demographic;c. Psychographic;d. Behavioral;33.;factors or variables are generally easier to measure than most of the other types;of variables or factors.;a. Geographic;b. Demographic;c. Psychographic;d. Behavioral;34.Age is often a poor;predictor of a person?s life-cycle, health, work, or family status.;Therefore, when using age and life-cycle segmentation, the;marketer must guard;against;a. stereotyping.;b. gender bias.;c. racial bias.;d. intellectual bias.;35. Proctor & Gamble joined a growing list of marketers;who use;segmentation when they developed Secret, a;brand specially formulated for a;woman?s;chemistry.;a. geographic;b. income;c. benefit;d. gender;36. All of the following Web sites would be examples of;sites wishing to make gender;segmentation;appeals as their primary marketing segmentation strategy EXCEPT;a.;b.;c.;d.;37.;is the process of dividing a market into different groups based on social;class, lifestyle, or personality characteristics.;a. Gender segmentation;b. Behavioral;segmentation;c. Psychological;segmentation;d. Psychographic;segmentation;38.Many marketers;believe that ________________ are the best starting point for building market;segments and programs.;a. behavioral;variables;b. geographic;variables;c. demographic;variables;d. psychographic;variables;39. ?Coke in the morning? is an attempt to segment according;to which of the following?;a. gender segmentation;b. psychographic segmentation;c. benefit segmentation;d. occasion segmentation;40. The orange juice manufacturers know that orange juice is;most often consumed in the mornings.;However, they would like to change this and make the drink acceptable;for other time periods during the day.;Which form of segmentation would they need to work with to establish a;strategy reflective of their desires?;a. gender segmentation;b. benefit;segmentation;c. occasion;segmentation;d. age and life-cycle;segmentation;41.When companies market;products on the basis of what the product?s attributes will do for a given;segment of consumers, they are using a powerful form of behavioral segmentation;known as;a. occasion segmentation.;b. benefit;segmentation.;c. user status;segmentation.;d. usage rate;segmentation.;42.If people that take;cruise ship vacations do so because of ?gambling,? ?fun,? or ?for adventure or;educational purposes,? then it is possible to segment this market based on what;might be called;a. psychographic;segmentation.;b. benefit;segmentation.;c. demographic;segmentation.;d. gender;segmentation.;43. A marketing firm classifies customers as nonusers;ex-users, potential users, first-;time users, and;regular users. Which of the following classifications is the firm most;likely using to;segment its market and devise strategies for selling its products and;services?;a. user status;b. user rate;c. loyalty status;d. benefit status;44. One of the most promising developments in multivariable;segmentation is called _________________, where a host of demographic and;socioeconomic factors are used.;a. terragraphic;segmentation;b. fermagraphic;segmentation;c. geothermal;segmentation;d. geodemographic;segmentation;45.All of the following;are major variables that can be used to segment business markets;EXCEPT;a. operating;characteristics.;b. psychographics.;c. demographics.;d. situational;factors.;46.;is forming segments of consumers who have similar needs and buying behavior;even though they are located in different countries.;a. External;segmentation;b. International;segmentation;c. Intermarket;segmentation;d. Enriched;segmentation;47.When Mercedes-Benz;targets the world?s well-to-do, regardless of their country, they are most;likely following a segmentation strategy called;a. external;segmentation.;b. international;segmentation.;c. enriched;segmentation.;d. intermarket;segmentation.;48.Clearly, there are;many ways to segment markets. However;not all segmentations are effective or successful. To be useful, market segments must have all;the following characteristics EXCEPT being;a. measurable.;b. plausible.;c. accessible.;d. actionable.;49.It is a fact that;there are 32.5 million left-handed people in the United States. However, most;marketers do not attempt to appeal to or design products for this group because;there is little in the way of census data about this group. Therefore, this group fails in one of the;requirements for effective segmentation.;Which of the following is most likely to apply in this case?;a. actionable;b. substantial;c. differentiable;d. measurable;50.Knowing the size;purchasing power, and profiles of a market segment are all part of which of the;following characteristics?;a. substantiality;b. measurability;c. actionability;d. accessibility


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