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MKt 500 all discussion (week 1-11) Strayer university




Question;MKt500 all discussion (week 1-11) Strayer universityWeek 1 Discussion 1;Top of Form;Marketing Concepts" Please respond to the;following;?;Provide a recent example of a product;you purchased that demonstrates marketing as an exchange relationship. Analyze;the 4Ps as it relates to this purchase?s exchange relationship.;?;Make an argument for the most important;and the least important aspect of the 5Cs;Bottom of Form;Week 1 Discussion 2;Top of Form;Marketing?s Impact" Please respond to the following;?;Determine the challenges marketers;currently face with clutter and its impact on marketing communication. Suggest;two solutions to this dilemma.;?;Imagine how your life would be;different if there were no or limited marketing. Determine the positive and;negative social impacts you would foresee. Provide your rationale.;Bottom of Form;Week 2 Discussion 1;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Segmentation at the Grocery Store" Please respond to the;following;?;Pick an aisle in a grocery store, for;example, the cereal or snack aisle, or a specific food (yogurt or baby food;etc.). Analyze the segments that are targeted and be detailed in your response.;Provide your rationale with your answer.;?;Using the same product category;predict what products in your category will be replaced with new products and;new segments. Provide a rationale for your choice.;Bottom of Form;Week 2 Discussion 2;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Making Waves;Please respond to the following;?;From the case study, assess the;challenges of marketing in a Third World country and propose how to address the;challenges.;?;From the case study, develop a;marketing strategy that will encourage the villagers to pay for a;WaterHarvester.;Bottom of Form;Week 3 Discussion 1;Top of Form;Target Audiences" Please respond to the following;?;Many beginning marketing students make;the mistake of assuming that some products can appeal to everyone. Pick a;product that you believe has mass appeal and analyze;?;From;the case study, propose the next steps that Kirkwood should take and how to;reach these steps. Support these suggestions with information about the target;audience;?;Week 3 Discussion 2;Bottom of Form;Positioning" Please respond to the;following;?;Pick a nonprofit organization with;which you are familiar and believe the organization should be repositioned to;serve its core clientele better or a new clientele altogether. Identify the;organization, its current position, and your recommended reposition, including;the existing or your proposed target audience for the recommendation.;?;The Gulf of Mexico Coast?s tourist;industry was devastated by the BP oil spill. Pick a specific Gulf location and;explain how you would reposition this tourist area that invites and sells the;value of the location to tourists.;Week 5 Discussion 1;Brands" Please respond to the;following;?;Pick your favorite restaurant. Analyze;its current brand strategy and make one recommendation for changing or;strengthening the existing brand strategy.;?;From the case study, determine which;video game endorsement offer best aligns with the Lebron James brand.;Week 5 Discussion 2;New Products" Please respond to the;following;?;Pick a long-time existing brand, such;as Cheerios, Crest, Purina Dog Chow, etc., with which you are familiar and have;been using for an extended period of time. First, start by indicating where;this product is now in the PLC. Then, analyze how this specific product has;evolved through the PLC since the time you started using the product. Then;speculate what the brand may do next to stay where it is in the PLC.;?;Pick a product that you believe would;be beneficial for line extension. Justify your choice and discuss the strategy;you would adopt for the new product.;Week 6 Discussion 1;Pricing Strategies" Please respond to the;following;?;Pick a health and beauty brand and item;you use regularly, for example, shampoo, shaving cream, moisturizer, razor;blades, etc. Imagine this brand is extending its reach to a new target audience;with a new product. Identify this new target audience and then outline the;beginnings of a pricing strategy for this new product, by offering specifics;instead of generalities about the strategy. For example, do not merely say ?I;suggest a competitive price.? Instead say, ?I suggest a high-volume;low-introductory price.? Provide a rationale for your strategy choice(s).;?;In today?s economic climate, retailers;are continuously conducting sales in order to get customers in their doors.;Analyze the short-term and long-term effects of continuous sales to all;stakeholders.;Week 6 Discussion 2;Distribution Channels" Please respond to;the following;?;Imagine you are a brand manager for;your favorite food product. You have been challenged with finding a new;distribution channel for a product under your brand supervision. Think through;how you would approach this challenge and then outline this new distribution;channel.;?;From the case study, analyze the;distribution channels for Zappos to reveal weaknesses and then recommend how to;strengthen the weaknesses.;?;?;Week 7 Discussion 1;Integrated Marketing Communication" Please;respond to the following;?;Evaluate overall how politicians;engaged in the 2008 or 2012 Presidential campaign have integrated their;marketing message. Then, evaluate one specific candidate of your choice.;?;Pick a product which has experienced a;failing promotional campaign. (Be sure the failure is due to a bad promotional;campaign rather than a failed product, i.e. New Coke or IBM?s PC Jr.). Analyze;why the promotion failed and recommend how it could be fixed if that same;promotion was to be recycled this year.;Week 7 Discussion 2;Advertising" Please respond to the;following;?;Advertising during the Super Bowl is;pricey and reserved for mega brands, but local television stations are allowed;to air local advertisements during the broadcast. Size up your local market to;determine at least three local businesses that could justify the extra;advertising expense to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Be sure to;support your answer with evidence on how the advertising would benefit these;businesses.;?;Entrepreneurs are often tasked with;wearing many hats, including building sales, marketing, and operations, to name;a few. Advise a friend who wants to open a coffee shop in a popular;neighborhood which currently does not have a coffee shop on how to spend her;marketing time and budget (presume both time and budget are limited).;Week 8 Discussion 1;Customer Evaluations" Please respond to;the following;?;Yelp and Facebook are among the many;growing social media sites allowing customers to give feedback about products;services, and experiences. This method allows for a passive approach to a;problem or bad experience. For example, if someone had to wait 10 minutes in;line for a latte, there may be no way for the barista to know this person;waited this long or is disgruntled by the long wait. Design a process in which;a small business can ensure customers are satisfied so that they do not quickly;take a passive approach to merely complain to a large audience without first;making someone at the business aware that a problem exists.;?;We see surveys on all kinds of store;receipts allowing consumers to give feedback in exchange for being entered into;a drawing for a prize. Evaluate the purpose and usefulness of these surveys.;Consider all stakeholders in your answer.;Week 8 Discussion 2;Marketing Research " Please respond to;the following;?;Of the marketing research tools;identified in the textbook, evaluate those that would be most appropriate for a;small business.;?;When it comes to marketing research;speculate to the blunders that beginning marketers commonly make. Provide a;rationale with your response.;Week 9 Discussion 1;Marketing Strategy" Please respond to;the following;?;Imagine you have been promoted to a;brand manager for a frozen pizza. The promotion is a challenge being that sales;for the pizza have gone backward three years in a row. Assess what you will;need to know or what questions need to be answered before you can size up what;is not working about the current strategy.;?;Pick a new product category that has;been introduced in the past six months. (Be sure to pick a new product category;such as the tablet, instead of a newer version of an existing product, such as;the iPad 2). Develop a strategy to assess how to measure the new product?s success;or failure over a 12-month launch period.;Week 9 Discussion 2;Changing Marketing Strategy" Please;respond to the following;?;Chose a company that you feel needs a;tweak to its marketing strategy and recommend a change. Provide a rationale for;your recommendation.;?;In 2011, Netflix made two major;blunders that impacted the number of subscribers, revenue, and the stock price;the separation of the DVD business and the increase in subscription fees. From;the first two e-Activities, assess the situation today. Determine what price;Netflix paid to get where they are today.;Week 10 Discussion 1;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Effective Marketing Plans" Please respond to the following;?;Assess what makes an effective;marketing plan. You can be generic in your answer or use a specific brand or;product in your response.;?;An entrepreneurial neighbor admits to;you that he does not have a marketing plan. Instead of a marketing plan, he;religiously follows his business plan, which has elements of a marketing plan.;Analyze this statement and provide a rationale response based on what you know;about marketing plans and what it takes to have a successful business, brand;product, or service.;Bottom of Form;Week 10 Discussion 2;Top of Form;Peapod Video" Please respond to the following;?;Discuss the process you would utilize;to develop a marketing plan for Peapod.;?;Discuss how Peapod utilizes its data;warehouse to customize its product and its promotion.;Bottom of Form;Week 11 Discussion 1;Marketing Plans" Please respond to the;following;?;From your perspective, assess the;element of a marketing plan that you would struggle the most with;implementation. Then, speculate to how many other marketers may feel;?;Hypothesize whether marketing plans, in;general across all U.S. businesses and organizations, are effective. Support;your hypothesis with evidence from this course or outside research, or;both.;Week 11 Discussion 2;Looking Forward" Please respond to the;following;?;Imagine it is 25 years from today.;Postulate how marketing has changed.;?;Predict one promotional element change;that will take place in the next 10 years. For example, social media will;converge to offer ?real-time? focus groups that allow feedback on a variety of;commercial storyboards, speeding up the time to make promotional decisions.


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