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Question;PHARMASIMFinal Simulation ReportThe Final Report should describe your final results for all Allround brands by category. The written reportmust not exceed 15 double-spaced pages (12-point type) with one-inch margins, excluding title page andappendix. The report should not merely list the results, but detail what you learned during the simulationby addressing the following by category:1. Manufacturer?s suggested retail price2. Volume discounts and promotional allowances3. Advertising budget4. Selected advertising agency5. Relative emphasis on the four types of advertising messages6. Promotion?s budget with allocations to cooperative advertising and the three types of consumerpromotions7. Sales force (number allocated to the five types of retail stores as well as to wholesale and indirectsupport functions)8. Segmentation9. Product life cycle10. Line extensions11. Cumulative net income throughout the simulation and final stock price12. What you anticipate would happen to the Allround brands in period nineYour appendix must include:1. Your firm?s initial strategy2. Your team?s decisions, results, and interpretation of results for each of the eight periods3. GraphsOnce your group finishes the report, one member will upload it to Doc Sharing to share with the entireclass. The title of the report should include your group name, for example: ?Group A_Report.? All studentsshould have access to the other firms? reports once the game is over so they can learn from theircompetitors? insights and strategies. The reports form the basis for the discussion question in Module 8.


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