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Question;MK201 Chapters 16-17-18 Week 7 Quiz QuestionsTotal points: 6;Directions: Select the best response for each. Please post;your selections in the Blackboard response section numbered 1-30 with response;to each corresponding question.;Due: Sunday at midnight for each week of this course.;Scenario 16.1;Use the following to answer the questions.;When introducing a new vehicle targeted to;the under-30 population, Toyota used several different methods of;communication. First, it did research in several large cities to find out who;the opinion leaders were in that age group. By visiting the local nightlife;one or two people in each city were selected and given a new vehicle to drive;for two weeks. They were told to share information about this new vehicle with their;friends. After a few weeks, then a television campaign was launched with;commercials introducing the new vehicle. Toyota also placed ads in magazines;that were targeted to the under-30 age group, and used drive-by billboards in;the large cities near the nightclub areas.;1. Refer;to Scenario 16.1. Toyota's act of giving the opinion leaders a new vehicle for;two weeks is best described as an example of;a.;advertising.;b.;personal selling.;c.;sales promotion.;d.;buzz marketing.;e.;push marketing.;2. Refer;to Scenario 16.1. Suppose Toyota also offered the dealership salespeople a trip;to Hawaii for anyone who could sell ten of the new vehicles within the first;month they were available? This tactic would be an example of ____ marketing;while the TV commercials described above would be an example of ____ marketing.;a.;pull, push;b.;personal selling, push;c.;pull, sales promotion;d.;push, pull;e.;personal selling, sales promotion;3. Refer;to Scenario 16.1. Suppose that Toyota has decided to contract with the producer;of the next James Bond 007 movie to use one of its new vehicles in a chase;scene. This would best be an example of;a.;sales promotion.;b.;word-of-mouth promotion.;c.;product placement.;d.;viral marketing.;e.;publicity.;4.Refer to Scenario 16.1. Which of the following;is not an integrated communications tactic used by Toyota?;a.;word-of-mouth communication;b.;advertising;c.;publicity;d.;personal selling;e.;sales promotion;Scenario 16.2;Use the following to answer the questions.;The manufacturers of Whizz, a new laundry;detergent, are developing their promotional plan for the first year. They know;they want to use an integrated communications strategy and are considering the;use of advertising through TV and magazines, coupons, public relations, sales;promotion, and viral marketing. They are not sure when to use each of these;methods however, and have asked for your advice.;5. Refer;to Scenario 16.2. Since Whizz is a new product, which of the following;promotional methods would you least recommend?;a.;magazine ads.;b.;viral marketing.;c.;television commercials.;d.;a price-reduction sales promotion.;e.;public relations.;6. Refer;to Scenario 16.2. If the manufacturers of Whizz were to partner with Whirlpool;to place a bottle of Whizz in each new washer that is purchased during the;first year, this would be an example of;a.;advertising.;b.;sales promotion.;c.;viral marketing.;d.;packaging.;e.;publicity-based public relations.;Scenario 17.1;Use the following to answer the questions.;The Toyota Corporation is developing its;promotional plan for the coming year and is considering several types of;advertising to communicate its messages. Toyota will likely advertise its new;vehicle, the Venza, on TV and in major national magazines. It is possible that;the ads could focus on the features of the Venza and its most likely;competitor, the Ford Edge. Other forms of advertising that can be considered;are ads that feature all of the Toyota brands in a single ad, while mentioning;only the Toyota brand and its company's strengths. Finally, Toyota will;probably continue to advertise updates of its cash cow brands, the Camry and;the hybrid versions of its SUVs.;7. Refer;to Scenario 17.1. Toyota's television advertisements for the new Venza are;examples of;a.;publicity.;b.;institutional advertising.;c.;product advertising.;d.;comparative advertising.;e.;pioneer advertising.;8. Refer;to Scenario 17.1. If the ads include both the Venza and the Ford Edge, they would;be examples of;a.;institutional advertising.;b.;public relations.;c.;product advertising.;d.;comparative advertising.;e.;competitive advertising.;9. Refer;to Scenario 17.1. Advertisements such as the one proposed above for the Camry;and hybrid SUVs, are most likely an example of;a.;product advertising.;b.;comparative advertising.;c.;competitive advertising.;d.;institutional advertising.;e.;reminder advertising.;10. Refer;to Scenario 17.1. The advertising mentioned above in which Toyota features all;brands of the company would be an example of;a.;competitive advertising.;b.;institutional advertising.;c.;comparative advertising.;d.;pioneer advertising.;e.;product advertising.;Scenario 17.2;Use the following to answer the questions.;The State Farm Group includes several;companies. Probably the most well-known company in the group is the State Farm;Insurance company, the largest auto and home insurer in the United States.;State Farm Insurance provides protection for approximately 78 million policies;on auto, fire, life, and health services. It is also a leading insurer of homes;and autos in Canada. Another company in the State Farm group is the State Farm;Bank, which was opened in 2000, beginning State Farm's entry into the financial;services field. However, the State Farm Bank is not a traditional bank, in that;it has no branch offices and its services are provided through State Farm;agents, a call center, the mail, and on the internet. It currently serves over;1.9 million bank accounts.;11. Refer;to Scenario 17.2. In 2008, Cal Ripken, Jr. and State Farm teamed up to promote;State Farm's national teen driver safety program. The marketing division at;State Farm produced a one-page document that described the partnership, which;was then published in several national newspapers and on the internet. The;document from State Farm is an example of ____, while the publication in the;newspapers is an example of ____.;a.;public relations, publicity;b.;public relations, a news release;c.;publicity, advocacy advertising;d.;a news release, publicity;e.;publicity, a news release;12. Refer;to Scenario 17.2. When deciding on its advertising allocation for the coming;year, State Farm Insurance could choose to spend the same amount as Safe Auto;another auto insurance company. This method of advertising appropriation is;known as the ____ approach.;a.;competition-matching;b.;arbitrary;c.;objective-and-task;d.;goals;e.;percent-of-sales;13. Refer;to Scenario 17.2. If State Farm were to decide that its previous method of;appropriating the advertising budget was ineffective, it could decide to;allocate 2 percent of its total annual sales to advertising. However, one;problem with this method is that;a.;it makes the bookkeeping too difficult.;b.;it is tied too closely to sales;forecasts.;c.;a sales decline leads to an increase in;the advertising appropriation.;d.;a drop in sales would cause a drop in;the advertising budget.;e.;competitors may have different;advertising objectives.;14.Refer to Scenario 17.2. If State Farm Bank;decided that it wanted to increase its number of bank customers by 10% in the;coming year, it would most likely use the ____ approach to advertising;allocation.;a.;arbitrary;b.;competition-matching;c.;objective-and-task;d.;percent-of-sales;e.;percent-of-customer;Scenario 18.1;Use the following to answer the questions.;Jafrum, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of;motorcycle accessories, clothing, and tools to various motorcycle retail stores;around the country. Jafrum does not manufacture these items, but sells;them to other retailers and also sells its merchandise through its website.;Sean Thompson is one of the salespeople for Jafrum, and is responsible for;obtaining new customers, increasing sales to current customers, and visiting;the retail stores throughout the country. Recently, he has been given the sales;objective from Jafrum's management to increase sales dollars by 15% in the;coming year by adding new customers. Sean's current compensation is based on a;$1,000 per month draw, plus 5% of all sales over $100,000. His salary last year;totaled $42,000. Management has given Sean the choice of going to a;compensation plan where he will earn 15% of all sales, but no draw.;15. Refer;to Scenario 18.1. Sean is developing his list of potential new retail customers;by accessing the yellow pages online. Here he finds the contact information for;every motorcycle store in the 48 contiguous states, and eliminates those who;currently are his customers. Sean is involved in which step of the personal;selling process?;a.;Prospecting and evaluating;b.;Preapproach;c.;Overcoming objections;d.;Closing;e.;Following up;16. Refer;to Scenario 18.1. Sean selects several motorcycle stores who are not currently;his customers. He then obtains and analyzes information about the current;brands of motorcycle accessories they stock, their sales trends, and credit;history. Sean is engaged in which of the following?;a.;prospecting.;b.;the preapproach.;c.;approaching the customer.;d.;making the presentation.;e.;overcoming objections.;17.Refer to Scenario 18.1. Sean has narrowed his;list and is preparing a packet of information about Jafrum and its products to;send to the prospects. He also includes a letter of introduction and says he;will contact them within the next two weeks to set up a sales visit. In this;scenario, Sean is all of the following except;a.;a trade salesperson.;b.;a field order taker.;c.;a missionary salesperson.;d.;an order getter.;e.;a new business salesperson.;18. Refer;to Scenario 18.1. Currently, Sean's compensation is based on the ____ plan;however he is considering changing to the ____ plan.;a.;straight salary, salary plus commission;b.;straight commission, straight salary;c.;salary plus commission, straight;commission;d.;salary plus bonus, straight bonus;e.;straight bonus, straight commission;Scenario 18.2;Use the following to answer the questions.;The Presto Company manufactures several;types of household appliances, including blenders, waffle makers, and home deep;fryers. Presto sells its products to retail stores such as Kohl's, Macy's, and;J.C. Penney's, through its own salesforce. Kerry Wilson is one of Presto's;salespeople, and is responsible for stores headquartered in Region 1 of the;U.S. Kerry has just come from a monthly meeting where she has been informed;about the new stovetop grill that will be part of next season's lineup.;Presto's marketing department has developed a promotional plan for the new;grill and outlined that plan for the sales staff in the meeting. The;promotional plan for the next 60 days will include television commercials which;demonstrate the new grill, in-store rebates, and a customer contest for the;best grilled sandwich recipe. In addition, Kerry and other members of the;salesforce will be given a free grill for their own home use so they can become;more familiar with the product. Presto is also offering a free trip to New York;City for their staff salesperson who has the highest dollar in sales to his or;her stores. To encourage the retail stores to push this product, Presto will;offer the retail store a $5 discount for each grill that the store purchases;after the 60-day promotion is over.;19. Refer;to Scenario 18.2. Kerry and the other salesforce members are best;described as a ____ sales force.;a.;technical;b.;missionary;c.;trade;d.;field;e.;pioneer;20.Refer to Scenario 19.2. Presto appears to be;using ____ to educate its sales force.;a.;formal sales training;b.;on-the-job training;c.;negative motivation;d.;territorial meetings;e.;recruiting training;21. Refer;to Scenario 19.2. Which of the following are consumer sales promotion methods;that Presto is using for the new stovetop grill?;a.;television commercials and the customer;contest;b.;television commercials and the in-store;rebate;c.;the customer contest and the in-store;rebate;d.;the sales force contest and the in-store;rebate;e.;the sales force contest and the customer;contest;22. Refer;to Scenario 19.2. Presto's use of a free trip to New York is an example of;while the $5 discount to its retail stores is an example of ____.;a.;a trade allowance, a buy-back allowance;b.;a buying allowance, a dealer loader;c.;a dealer loader, a buy-back allowance;d.;a sales contest, a buy-back allowance;e.;a sales contest, a buying allowance;MULTIPLE CHOICE;23. The;coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum informational;and persuasive impact defines;a.;communication.;b.;integrated marketing communications.;c.;tactile communication.;d.;kinesic communication.;e.;proxemic communication.;24. Chris;sees a television commercial for Arby's promoting its roast beef sandwiches at;5 for $5.95. Later that day he goes to the nearest Arby's for a roast beef;feast, but is told that the special offer is not available at that location.;Arby's seems to lack;a.;communication.;b.;promotional efforts.;c.;integrated marketing communications.;d.;channel capacity.;e.;coordinated awareness.;25.Effective management of integrated marketing;communications is based upon;a.;consumer attitudes towards promotion.;b.;information about customers.;c.;the communication process model.;d.;budgetary allowances.;e.;the firm's organizational structure.;26. If;FedEx-Kinko's decided to outsource allof its marketing efforts to the;MaxPro Company, which specializes in advertising, sales promotion activities;and public relations, FedEx-Kinko's would likely be striving to practice;a.;one-stop shopping.;b.;more expertise.;c.;pioneer promotional efforts.;d.;competitive promotional programming.;e.;integrated marketing communications.;27. Advertising that encourages customers to send;in reply cards for additional information aids salespeople in achieving which;goal of personal selling?;a.;Convincing prospects to buy;b.;Finding prospects;c.;Keeping customers satisfied;d.;Making the presentation;e.;Following up the sale;28. Carlos;generally makes cold calls on businesses to look for new prospects. He has many;satisfied customers, but like many salespeople, he does not frequently utilize;one of the best ways to find new prospects, which is through;a.;telephone directories.;b.;customer referrals.;c.;trade shows.;d.;local restaurants.;e.;other employees.;29. After;compiling a list of potential customers, a salesperson must;a.;evaluate whether each prospect is able;willing, and authorized to buy the product.;b.;determine whether or not each prospect;is really in his target market.;c.;find and analyze information about each;prospect's specific needs and current brand choices.;d.;develop a presentation for each of the;potential customers on his list.;e.;contact each of the prospects to get an;initial feel for how likely they are to purchase his products.;30.Tim has just finished compiling a list of;potential customers and evaluating their ability, willingness, and authority to;buy. He knows his next step in the personal selling process is to;a.;approach.;b.;preapproach.;c.;make the presentation.;d.;prospect.;e.;overcome objections.


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