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Question;Gathering Information and Scanning the;Environment;GENERAL CONCEPT QUESTIONS;Multiple Choice;1. The major;responsibility for identifying significant marketplace changes falls to the;a. U.S. Department of Labor;b. company?s marketers;c. American Marketing;Association;d. industry lobby;groups found in Washington, D.C.;e. marketing research;industry;2. Marketers have extensive;information about how consumption;patterns vary across countries. On a per capita basis within Western;Europe, the ________ smoke;the most cigarettes.;a. Swiss;b. Greeks;c. Irish;d. Austrians;e. French;3. All of the following;questions EXCEPT ________, would be considered to be forms of information needs;probes.;a. What decisions do;you regularly make?;b. What information do;you need to make decisions?;c. What data analysis;programs would you want?;d. What magazines and;trade reports would you like to see on a regular basis?;e. What products would;be most closely matched to consumer;needs?;4.;consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze;evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing;decision makers.;a. A marketing;information system;b. A marketing;research system;c. A marketing;intelligence system;d. A promotional;campaign;e. A marketing database;5. The company?s marketing information system should be a;cross between what managers think they need, what managers really need, and;a. what;the marketing research department is able to do;b. what;consumers are willing to share;c. what;the competition is doing;d. what;is acceptable industry practice;e. what;is economically feasible;6. Marketing managers rely on;internal reports. By analyzing this information, they can spot ________.;a. micro-markets;b. opportunities and problems;c. macro-markets;d. competitive;strategies;e. consumer demographic;units;7. The heart of;the internal records system is the ________.;a. database;b. asset acquisition process;c. order-to-payment cycle;d. service consideration;e. information liquidity ratio;8. When a marketer ?mines? his or her company?s;database, fresh insights can be gained into neglected customer segments;and other useful information.;a. recent customer trends;b. long-term competitive;trends;c. possible new inventions;d. possible new technologies;e. new primary data possibilities;9. The;internal records system supplies resultsdata, but the marketing intelligence;system supplies ________ data.;a. concurrent;b. secondary;c. research;d. happenings;e. premium;10. A ________ is a set of;procedures and sources managers use to obtain everyday information about;developments in the marketing environment.;a. marketing;research system;b. marketing;information system;c. product;management system;d. marketing;intelligence system;e. vertical;system;11. A company can take;several steps to improve the quality of its marketing intelligence. If;the company purchases competitive products for study, attends open houses;and trade shows, and reads competitors?;published reports and stockholder information, the company;is using ________ to improve the;quality of its marketing intelligence.;a. sales force;surrogates;b. intermediaries;c. external networks;d. advisory panels;e. customer feedback;systems;12. All of the following would be considered to be steps to improve;the quality of marketing intelligence in a company;EXCEPT ________.;a. a company can train and motivate;the sales force to spot and report new developments;b. a company can use guerrilla tactics such as going;through a competitor?s trash;c. a company can motivate;intermediaries to pass along important;information;d. a company can network externally;e. a company can purchase information from outside;suppliers;13. The 2000 U.S. census provides an in-depth;look at the population swings, demographic;groups, regional migrations, and;changing family structure of 281+ million people. Which of the following steps to improve;the quality of company marketing;intelligence system would be most;closely associated the above illustration?;a. A company can purchase information from outside;suppliers.;b. A company can take advantage of government data sources.;c. A company can use online customer feedback systems to;collect data.;d. A company can network externally.;e. A company can use its sales force to collect and report;data.;14. There are four main ways that marketers can find relevant online;information on competitors? products;and weaknesses, and summary comments and overall performance rating of a;product, service, or supplier. ________ is(are) a type of site that is;concentrated in financial services and high-tech products that require;professional knowledge.;a. Independent;customer goods and service reviews;b. Distributor;or sales agent feedback sites;c. Combo-sites;offering customer reviews and expert opinions;d. Customer complaint sites;e. Shopping bot;service sites;15. A ________ is ?unpredictable;short-lived, and without social, economic, and political significance.?;a. fad;b. fashion;c. trend;d. megatrend;e. style;16. A ________ is a direction or sequence of;events that has some momentum and;durability, the shape of the future is revealed and many opportunities are;provided.;a. fad;b. fashion;c. trend;d. megatrend;e. style;17. ________ have been described as ?large social;economic, political and technological changes [that] are slow to form, and once;in place, they influence us for some time?between seven and ten years, or;longer.;a. Fads;b. Fashions;c. Trends;d. Megatrends;e. Styles;18. Which of the following;minority groups in the United States;has been associated with one of the ten megatrends shaping the consumer;landscape?;a. African Americans;b. Asian Americans;c. European Americans;d. Hispanic Americans;e. Middle Eastern Americans;19. The beginning of the new century brought a;series of new challenges. All of the following would be considered to be among those challenges EXCEPT ________.;a. a deterioration of innovative ideas;b. steep decline of the stock market;c. increasing unemployment;d. corporate scandals;e. the rise of terrorism;20. With the rapidly changing global picture, the;firm must monitor six major forces.;All of the following would be among;those forces EXCEPT ________.;a. demographic;b. economic;c. social-cultural;d. natural;e. promotional;21. The main demographic force that marketers monitor is(are) ________.;a. suppliers;b. competitors;c. communication;(such as advertising);d. government reports dealing with birth rates;e. population;22. The population explosion has;been a source of major concern. Unchecked population growth and consumption could eventually result in all of the;following EXCEPT ________.;a. insufficient food supply;b. depletion of key minerals;c. overcrowding;d. restrictions on competition;e. pollution;23. One impact of explosive population growth is illustrated;by the case of China.;The Chinese government passed;regulations limiting families to one child. One consequence of these;regulations is that ________.;a. the children are so fussed over and spoiled;that they become ?little emperors?;b. school enrollments;are dropping;c. the fledgling automotive business in China will not have customers in a;few years;d. open rebellion is;being preached;e. ?child-oriented;businesses? have few customers;24. A significant;fact about population growth and population shifts is that in 2004 or 2005;a. the youth;market will exceed that of the adult market;b. people over;the age of 60 will outnumber those under five years of age;c. baby boomers;will be eclipsed by Gen X young;adults;d. most age group segments will be about equal;e. Gen Y young;adults will surpass the baby boomers as the largest age segment;25. Which of the;following age groups is thought to;control three-quarters of the country?s wealth?;a. 0?20 age;segment;b. 60+ age;segment;c. 20?30 age;segment;d. 30?40 age;segment;e. 40+ age;segment;26. At one time;the United States was called;a ?melting pot? society because of the number of different cultures that were;integrated into the U.S.;culture. Today, the United;States is described as a ________ society;because many ethnic groups are;maintaining their ethnic differences, neighborhoods, and cultures.;a. ?boiling pot?;b. ?salad bowl?;c. ?banana split?;d. ?doubled up?;e. ?non-communicative?;27. According to the 2000 census;the U.S. population of 276.2 million was 72 percent white and ________ percent;African American. The remainder consisted of Hispanic Americans and other;minorities.;a. 20;b. 18;c. 15;d. 13;e. 11;28. Diversity goes beyond ethnic;and racial markets. More than ________ million Americans have disabilities, and;they constitute a market for home delivery companies;(and others).;a. 50;b. 40;c. 30;d. 20;e. 10;29. Which of the;following countries is known for having 99 percent of its population literate?;a. England;b. Germany;c. France;d. United States;e. Japan;30. The ________ household;consists of a husband, wife, and children (and sometimes grandparents).;a. ?traditional?;b. ?extended?;c. ?diversity?;d. ?modern?;e. ?revised?;31. Married couple households?the;dominant cohort since the formulation of the United States?has slipped from nearly 80 percent in the 1950s to around;percent today.;a. 70;b. 60;c. 50;d. 40;e. 35;32. The;twenty-first century saw ________ markets grow more;rapidly again due to a higher birth rate, a lower death rate, and rapid growth;from foreign immigration.;a. suburban;b. urban;c. rural;d. coastal;e. secondary;33. The movement by population to the ________ has lessened;the demand for warm clothing and home heating equipment and increased demand;for air conditioning.;a. Grainbelt;b. Pacific Northwest;c. Sunbelt;d. Mid-Coastal areas;e. Heartland;34. Marketers;look at where consumers are gathering. Almost;one in ________ people over the age of five (120 million) moved at least one time between 1995 and 2000;according to a Census 2000 brief.;a. two;b. three;c. four;d. five;e. ten;35. In which of;the following economies would we expect to find few opportunities for;marketers?;a. Industrializing;economies.;b. Land-locked;economies.;c. Raw-material-exporting;economies.;d. Industrial;economies.;e. Subsistence;economies.;36. According to information presented in the text, which of the;following countries is surprisingly a very good market for Lamborghini automobiles (costing more;than $150,000) because of the number of wealthy families that can afford;expensive cars.;a. Greece;b. Switzerland;c. Holland;d. Russia;e. Portugal;37. Over the past three decades;in the United States, the rich have grown richer and the middle class has;a. stayed about;the same;b. shrunk;c. increased;slightly;d. matched the;rich in terms of relative growth;e. been ignored;because of problems with the poorer classes;38.;shapes the beliefs, values, and norms that largely define the tastes and;preferences.;a. Marketing;b. The mass;media;c. Government;d. Production;innovation and engineering;e. Society;39. If a consumer lives the;lifestyle of a ?pleasure seeker? or goes on a ?self-realization? quest, he or;she is expressing what is called ________.;a. views of;others;b. views of;society;c. views of;themselves;d. views of;organizations;e. views of the;universe;40. According to the information;found in the social-cultural environment;with respect to views of others;are considered to be things that allow people who are alone to feel;they are not (e.g., television, home video games, and chat rooms on the;Internet).;a. social;surrogates;b. subliminal;fantasies;c. relationship avoidance;d. primary products;e. secondary products;41. Today, corporations need to;make sure that they are good corporate citizens and that their consumer;messages are honest. Such a view would be consistent with which of the;following views?;a. Views of;others.;b. Views of;organizations.;c. Views of;themselves.;d. Views of the;universe.;e. Views of;society.;42. People vary in their;attitudes toward their society. ________ usually live more;frugally, drive smaller cars, and wear simpler;clothing.;a. Makers;b. Escapers;c. Seekers;d. Changers;e. Developers;43. People vary in their;attitudes toward society and react accordingly. ________ are a major market for;movies, music, surfing, and camping.;a. Makers;b. Preservers;c. Escapers;d. Changers;e. Developers;44. All of the;following have been cited by the text as being among;Americans? core values EXCEPT ________.;a. they believe;in work;b. they believe;in getting married;c. they believe;in giving to charity;d. they believe;in being honest;e. they believe;in sexual permissiveness;45. Which of the;following would be the best illustration of a secondary belief or value?;a. Belief in;work.;b. Belief in;giving to charity.;c. Belief in;getting married.;d. Belief in;getting married early.;e. Belief in;being honest.;46. Which of the following is by far the most;popular American leisure activity in that it is preferred by 59 percent of;adults who participate in such activities?;a. Gardening.;b. Walking for;exercise.;c. Swimming.;d. Photography.;e. Jogging or;running.;47. Each society;contains ________, groups with;shared values emerging from their special life experiences or circumstances.;a. demographic segments;b. cliques;c. consumer bundles;d. subcultures;e. behavioral niches;48. Which of the;following would be the best illustration of a subculture?;a. A softball;team.;b. A university;alumni association.;c. Teenagers.;d. A Boy Scout;troop.;e. Frequent;flyers.;49. All of the following EXCEPT ________ have been found to influence;young people today and cause a shift of secondary cores values for this group.;a. U2?s Bono.;b. Elvis Presley.;c. The NBA?s LeBron James.;d. Golf?s Tiger Woods.;e. Skateboarder Tony Hawk.;50. Although core values are fairly;persistent, cultural swings do take place. ________ caused such a swing in the;1960s.;a. Ford Motor Company;b. George McGovern;c. G.I. Joe action;characters;d. The infomercial;e. The Beatles;51. Marketers need to be aware of threats and opportunities associated;with four trends in the natural environment.;All of the following are among those;trends EXCEPT ________.;a. the shortage of raw materials;b. the increased;cost of energy;c. near 90 percent corporate support for;?green causes?;d. increased pollution levels;e. the changing;role of governments;52.With respect to the;shortage of raw materials, air and water are classified as ________ resources.;However, as we know, problems are beginning to plague both our air and water;quality.;a. infinite;b. near finite;c. finite renewable;d. finite nonrenewable;e. absolute;53.One finite nonrenewable;resource, ________, has created serious problems for the world economy. Because of anticipated shortages;investment and commodity markets have;had wild swings.;a. water;b. air;c. sugar;d. coffee;e. oil;54. From a branding perspective, ?green marketing? programs have not;been entirely successful. ________ has been cited as one of the obstacles that;must be overcome for ?green marketing? programs to be more;successful.;a. Overexposure and lack of credibility;b. High cost;c. Poor promotions;d. Resistance by the youth segment in the;marketplace;e. Lack of support by governmental agencies and concerns;55. Which of the following countries is noted for their ?green movement? and support within its government for environmental;quality enhancement?;a. Mexico;b. China;c. Germany;d. England;e. Italy;56. The marketer;should monitor the following trends;in technology, EXCEPT ________, if progress is to be made in business.;a. the;pace of change;b. the;difficulties found in sharing information;c. the;opportunities for innovation;d. varying;R&D budgets;e. increased;regulation;57. According to some industry analysts and inventors, ________ will eventually;eclipse the PC as our most important;technological device.;a. iPod;b. HDTV;c. holographic;television;d. the mobile phone;e. solar-powered;car;58. All of the following will most;likely be among the advantages for a;society that embraces telecommuting as an employment/communication;alternative EXCEPT ________.;a. reduction;of auto pollution;b. bringing;the family closer together;c. increased;bonuses and compensation perks;d. creating;more home-centered shopping;e. entertainment centered on the home environment;59. ________ legislation has as;its purposes to protect companies;from unfair competition, to protect;consumers from unfair business practices, and to protect the interests of;society from unbridled business behavior.;a. Business;b. Consumer;c. Bi-partisan;d. Activist;e. Global;60. An important;force affecting business is the ________?a movement;of citizens and government organized;to strengthen the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers.;a. lobbyist movement;b. consumerist movement;c. environmental;movement;d. self-rights movement;e. ethical reform movement


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