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Principles of Marketing MKT-301




Question;Principles of Marketing MKT-301400 wordsFor our discussion this week you will be playing the role of a journalist writing a feature story about HOG customers for a popular business magazine. Your editor has allowed you to select the topic that most interests you, however, you may not know enough about the firm to know exactly what that topic might be, thus your research is critical. Consider topics such as the factors that influence a Harley buyer?s decision process and the behaviors that define a loyal HOG, among others. Don?t forget the events in which the riders participate and the role of the dealer network.Your initial post should be your draft of your article. Be very precise in describing your topic and be sure to support it with information from the class and your research. Make sure to link your topic and discussion to the consumer behavior concepts discussed in this week?s material.Your responses to your classmates should address their articles and offer suggestions and additional ideas.Have some fun exploring why we consumers do what we do? and go HOG Wild!


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