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Question;MKT 500 week 9 discussion;Marketing Strategy" Please respond to the following;Imagine you have been promoted to a brand manager for a frozen pizza. The promotion is a challenge being that sales for the pizza have gone backward three years in a row. Assess what you will need to know or what questions need to be answered before you can size up what is not working about the current strategy.;Pick a new product category that has been introduced in the past six months. (Be sure to pick a new product category such as the tablet, instead of a newer version of an existing product, such as the iPad 2). Develop a strategy to assess how to measure the new product?s success or failure over a 12-month launch period.;Discussion 2;Week 9 Discussion;Changing Marketing Strategy" Please respond to the following;Chose a company that you feel needs a tweak to its marketing strategy and recommend a change. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.;In 2011, Netflix made two major blunders that impacted the number of subscribers, revenue, and the stock price: the separation of the DVD business and the increase in subscription fees. From the first two e-Activities, assess the situation today. Determine what price Netflix paid to get where they are today.


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