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A service refers to an activity, benefit, or satisfaction offered for sale that is essentially.......true/ false




Question;true or false1) A service refers to an activity, benefit, or satisfaction offered for sale that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.()Page Ref: 2262) Unsought products are products that the customer usually buys frequently, immediately, and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort.()Page Ref: 2293) Shopping products are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style. ()Page Ref: 2294) The augmented product is the actual product plus the various services and benefits offered with it, such as a warranty, free delivery, installation, and maintenance.()Page Ref: 2285) Style is a larger concept than design. Design simply describes the appearance of a product.()Page Ref: 2326) Branding decisions include selecting a brand name and developing a brand strategy.()Page Ref: 2337) For many companies, the package itself has become an important promotional medium.()Page Ref: 233-2348) Labels range from simple tags attached to products to complex graphics that are part of the packaging.()Page Ref: 234-2359) A product line consists of unrelated products that are sold to diverse customer groups.()Page Ref: 23610) Product line filling is overdone if it results in cannibalization and customer confusion.()Page Ref: 23611) A company cannot stretch its product line downward. Answer: ()Page Ref: 23612) Product mix width refers to the total number of items a company carries within its product lines.()Page Ref: 23713) Sometimes, companies stretch upward to add prestige to their current products.()Page Ref: 23614) A company's product mix has four important dimensions: width, length, depth, and consistency. ()Page Ref: 23715) Service inseparability means that the quality of services depends on who provides them, as well as when, where, and how they are provided.()Page Ref: 23816) In a service business, the customer and the front-line service employee interact to co-create the service.()Page Ref: 23917) Within a given hotel reputed for its superior service, one registration-desk employee may be cheerful and efficient, whereas another may be irritable and slow. This exemplifies service variability.()Page Ref: 23818) Service companies can differentiate their service delivery by having more able and reliable customer-contact people.()Page Ref: 24219) Product quality is harder to define and judge than service quality.()Page Ref: 24220) Good service recovery can turn angry customers into loyal ones.()Page Ref: 24221) Attributes are the least desirable level for brand positioning because competitors can easily copy attributes.()Page Ref: 24522) The strongest brands do not engage customers on a deep, emotional level.()Page Ref: 24523) Co-branding occurs when retailers and wholesalers create their own store brands.()Page Ref: 25024) Line extension refers to extending an existing brand name to new product categories.()Page Ref: 25025) Multi-branding offers a way to establish different features that appeal to different customer segments, lock up more reseller shelf space, and capture a larger market share.()Page Ref: 252


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