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FIN 645-Find and read 2 articles about a recent merger or acquisition




Question;?Find and read 2 articles about a recent merger or acquisition.?Writea paper of approximately 900 words for each article that answers the following questions:oWhat alternatives to the merger or acquisition may have been a better solution?oWhich defensive tactics were utilized? Was it effective?oWhat were the financial side effects of the merger or acquisition?oWhat mistakes occurred? How could they have been avoided?oWas this merger or acquisition a good decision? Why??Format your paper usingWest Writing Style Handbook guidelines.Assignment Grading RubricCriteriaA test of your knowledge of mergers and acquisitions.Excellent 90-100% of Criteria ScoreSatisfactory 70-89% of Criteria ScoreBelow Average 60-79% of Criteria ScoreUnacceptable 0-59% of Criteria ScoreCommentsFinal Score: XX of 89.80 points25% Total Assignment PointsCompleteness All directions are followed and requirements are met. Work is labeled and well organized.Each action item offers a thorough response and supported or referenced responseDirections are largely followed and all requirements are met. Work is labeled and largely organized.Most directions are followed and most requirements are met. Some labels missing or work is only somewhat disorganized.Directions are not followed and/or some requirements are not met.Section score: XX of 22.45 points40% Total Assignment PointsApplication of Concepts & Strength of Analysis Applies course concepts extremely effectively, creating a full and informed project document, analysis is sophisticated, accurate, and thorough, discussion is exceptionally skilled.Responses move beyond a definition or calculation result providing more insight to the concepts linked to the course objectivesApplies course concepts throughout, creating an effective project document, analysis is insightful and essentially accurate, discussion is skilled.Misapplies course concepts or applies them infrequently, analysis is basic or general, discussion is haphazard or cursory.Fails to apply course concepts, analysis is inadequate or missing.Section score: XX of 35.92 points25% Total Assignment PointsOrganization Ideas are arranged clearly and logically to support the purpose or argument, ideas flow smoothly and are effectively linked, the reader can follow the line of reasoning.The responses provided (action statement) are accurate, informative, and written in such a way to allow the reader to quickly understand the results of your analysis.Ideas are arranged adequately to support the purpose or argument, links between ideas are generally clear, the reader can follow the line of reasoning for the most part.Ideas are arranged adequately, in general, although ideas sometimes fail to make sense together, the reader remains fairly clear about what writer intends.Ideas are arranged illogically, ideas frequently fail to make sense together, the reader cannot identify a line of reasoning and becomes frustrated or loses interest.Section score: XX of 22.45 points10% Total Assignment PointsConventions and Writing Style Language is especially clear and concise and follows the conventions of Standard Written English, as well as theWest Writing Style Handbook when appropriate.There are minor errors in the application of Standard Written English or theWest Writing Style Handbook.There are fundamental errors in the application of Standard Written English orWest Writing Style Handbook that impact clarity or effectiveness.There are serious errors in the application of Standard Written English that impact clarity and effectiveness and/or severeWest Writing Style Handbook format violations.Section score: XX of 8.98 points


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