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Final exam Managerial Accounting The exam comprises two parts: Part 1. Managerial data (30 points) and Part 2. Financial data (20 points) Please write your answers after my questions here and don?t delete the questions. Please make sure you answered the questions and show your work in order to get points. Part 1: Managerial data (30 points) Please go to the Cleveland Clinic?s webpage at 1. Please click on the grey tab ?Institute and services? and choose one department (example: Anesthesiology). 2. For the department you chose in the previous step, please investigate what are the activities they perform in that department. You are supposed to do this by clicking on the department you choose and then read the information they give you on the website. You will identified at least 5 activities they run in that department (5 points, 1 point for each activity identified) 3. For each activity identified please find the cost driver (5 points, 1 point for each cost driver identified) 4. Please take the first activity you identified previously in q1 and list the potential resources needed for doing this activities. Please identify these resources using your expertise in this area. Most probably you will not be able to find this information on their website. (5 points) 5. Take one of the resources you identified in the previous step (q4). If you would be asked to estimate a value for this resource, what would be the method you would use to do this estimation? Please explain your choice. (5 points) 6. Supposing you are the manager of the department you chose here in q1 and you are asked to implement the Balanced Scorecard in your department. Please write down here how you would do this: a). would you use all the perspectives presented in theory? Please explain. b). what would be the performance measures you will use in your department? Please explain your reasons for choosing them, c). How often would you monitor the performance measures? value and why? (10 points) Part 2: Financial data (25 points) Please open the file Financial Statements Cleveland Clinic posted here in Moodle and answer the questions: 7. Did the Cleveland Clinic?s operating income increased from 2010 to 2011? By how much (please express the value in percentages)(Show work to receive your grade)(5 points) 8. Did the excess of revenues over expenses increased or decreased in 2011 compared with 2010? By how much? (Show work to receive your grade)(5 points) 9. Compare the operating income with the excess over expenses for 2011 and 2010. What do you notice? Please explain how they got in this situation (5 points) 10. Did the clinic invest in property, plant and equipment? Several elements in the financial reports indicates you the answer. Please name: a). the element in the Consolidated Balance Sheet that gives you this information b). the element in the Consolidated Statements of Operations (page 4) that indicates you this information. (5 points)


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