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Question;1. Use -Exhibit 4. Which firms are the most comparable to Ameritrade, and why? And whymight the company management care about what firms were comparable? Write ananswer of about three paragraphs.2. What would be included in cash flow for the companys intended investments? Prepare aspreadsheet with about a paragraph of explanation for your choices.3. Using the data in Exhibit 3, explain what number you would use for a risk-free rate forAmeritrade. Justify your choice using data in the exhibit, your answer will probably betwo or three paragraphs long.4. Using the data in Exhibit 5, describe the volatility of the stock prices of relevantcompanies. Youll need to use a spreadsheet for your calculations. Please write aparagraph explaining your conclusions.5. With the information you have found so far, what discount rate would you use forAmeritrade? Show your calculations and write up your assumptions in about threeparagraphs.6. Based on the work you have done so far, what should Ameritrade do? Do you haveenough information to value the proposed investments? What are the investorsconcerns? Your answer should be about three or four paragraphs long.


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