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Ford Motor for the 2013 fiscal year that ends on December 31, 2013




Question;ou are writing a paper on Ford Motor for the 2013 fiscal year that ends on December 31, 2013. Write a paper on the following issues from the perspective of financial analysts. The following is the grading guideline: Contents precision is 40%, Interpretation is 30%, and Exposition - grammar, format, and conciseness - is 30%. The paper should be no more than six pages excluding a cover page and be stapled on a upper left corner. Copy and paste form source documents is plagiarism.I. Inventory1. Find the types and amounts of inventory at the end of 2011 through 2013.2. Find the inventory method(s) Ford Motor employed.3. Find LIFO reserve.4. Compute an inventory turnover ratio and days to sell inventory.II. Intangibles1. Discuss its types and magnitudes of intangible assets2. How does Ford Motor amortize its intangibles?3. Discuss the changes of intangible during 2013.III. PPE1. Find the net amount of land acquired or disposed2. Estimate the average age and remaining life of PPE, excluding land.3. Describe its depreciation methods.4. Discuss the impact of depreciation of financial statements.IV. Warranty1. Discuss the warranty policies.2. Find and interpret warranty liabilities.3. Find and interpret warranty expenses.V. Liabilities1. How much long-term debts were retired during the fiscal year?2. How much long-term debts were issued during the fiscal year?3. Construct a concise table for a breakdown of long-term debts.4. Discuss the impact of long-term debts on B/S and I/S.5. Discuss if Ford Motor can meet the obligation of long-term debtsVI. Stockholders' Equity1. Discuss the changes in contributed capitals during 2013.2. Discuss the changes in retained earning during 2013.3. Discuss the trend of dividends during 2011 through 20134. Itemize the financial activities during 2013VII. Based on your analysis so far, recommend Ford Motor stock to your clients to buy, sell, or hold. Provide your reasons.


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