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Name of your company==> Brief Description of what the company does==> Where it is located==> Website==> # of Employees==> Current Price (or if you do this during market hours us previous close)==> Last 6 months of monthly prices (table and graph)==> Beta==> 52 Week Range==> Average Volume==> Market Cap==> Read some of the articles linked under the ?Headlines? sectionFrom find the following==> Annual Dividend (assume this is the last dividend (D0)o Once you get to enter your tickers into the ?Search for Companies or Symbol? box and hit entero The Dividend is the ?Annual Payout? number (in dollars)Summarize what the companies do, what is ?special? about them, and what the current events/concerns facing your companies (this is where the articles come in handy). (Do this separately for each company)Use the Beta you found on Yahoo Finance along with an expected market return of 9.5%, and a risk free rate of 2.25% to calculate each company?s required return.Use the following dividend growth rates to calculate each firm?s value:SLB 10.20% dividend growth rateHAL 7.05% dividend growth rateWhich one of these two stock would you pick, and why?This should be about a page (size 12 font, 1.5 or double spaced) for each company along with an excel file (each company in its own tab). In your write up (the word document) reference specific figures from you calculations that support your decision.


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