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Students will analyze financial reports of Yahoo Inc




Question;Students will analyze financial reports of Yahoo Inc & present their findings in a PowerPoint presentation (with completed Notes section providing details of analysis and synthesis of information to presented points. You must also provide a slide of exhibits of financial reports analyzed for the Presentation). Use current 10-k among other scholarly sourcesProjects will include:APA Format1.Organization overview: Write brief background information about the selected company.2. Financial statements analysis: Analyze all the financial statements here. This should also include ratios analysis. In your analysis, compare your company to a similar company in the industry or to industry average. Then, explain the comparison results.3. Analysis of cash flow: Discuss major sources and uses of cash.4. Stock performance analysis: Use Yahoo finance, Google finance, Reuters, or other websites to analyze the stock performance over several quarters or years. To make your analysis current, include stock value up till current date.5. Cost of capital or required return on investment: Note that required return on investment is not the same as return on investment. What you are calculating here is WACC as we learned in chapters 6 and 9 of our text. This site can also help: Value of the organization: Book value, common stock value: Use Yahoo finance, Google finance, Reuters, or other websites to analyze the market value (common stock value) of the company. Book value is the value of the organization on the balance sheet. The book and market values must be for same date. In addition, you must show both values per share or in total. That way one can easily compare both values.7. Discussion of appropriate organizational development options with the inclusion of general risk and return scenarios from a management perspective.Since your portfolio project is a PowerPoint presentation, the slides would be the abbreviated presentation of points while the notes under each slide would include detailed explanations. Additionally, the presentation must be APA-formatted throughout, you must have a title page and reference page. After the reference list at the end of the presentation, you will copy and paste the financial statements/reports you analyzed as exhibits. Alternatively, you may attach the financials as a separate file. Hence, the files for your portfolio project should be two at the maximum.Additional Requirements Other Requirements: Must be original work, APA format current yahoo financials, stock price etc. at least 10 slides. Detailed notes section also APA and referenced.


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