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Question;APPENDIX B: CAPITAL BUDGETING GROUP PRESENTATIONACMC Inc. is a multinational conglomerate corporation providing a wide range of goods and services to its customers. As part of its budgeting process for the next year, it has three mutually exclusive projects under consideration, and it might decide which project should receive the investment funds for this year.Project B:This project requires an initial investment of $20,000,000 in equipment which will require additional expense of $1,000,000 to install in the current facility. Consistent with other projects, the equipment will be depreciated using the MACRS Investment Class schedule. Once installed, the firm will need to increase inventory by $6,000,000. The project will last 6 years, but at the end of that period, the equipment will have no salvage value.During the operational period of this project, the product produced will sell for $6.50 per unit. The costs related to this product will be $4.00 per unit in variable cost and the fixed costs each year will be $1,000,000. Management has estimated that the sales volume for this project will be 3,500,000 in year 1, 4,000,000 in year 2, 4,250,000 in year 3, 4,500,000 in year 4, 4,300,000 in year 5, and 4,200,000 in year 6. Since the project has been brought under consideration through the normal channels, a discount rate equal to the WACC should be used in the project valuation.2. Determine the target percentages for the optimal capital structure, and then compute the WACC. (Carry weights to four decimal places. For example: 0.2973 or 29.73%)4. Identify the sensitivity of the projects related to a 10% reduction in price and a 10% reduction in sales volume.


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