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JJ Gargoyle Company is preparing their budget for...




JJ Gargoyle Company is preparing their budget for next year. COGS sold has been estimated at fifty percent of sales. Product purchases and payments are to be made during the month preceding the month of sale. Wages are estimated at fifteen percent of sales and are paid during the month of sale. Other operating costs amounting to twenty percent of sales are to be paid in the mo. following the mo. of sales. Sales revenue is forcasted as follows: Month Sales Feb $760,000 Mar $492,000 Apr $830,000 May $750,000 Jun $818,000 What is the amount of gargoyle purchases during the month of Apr?,Again, thank you, can you include the figures (numbers) on the formula on this problem as well? I'm having difficulty matching the labels to its equivalent figure. Thanks.,What number is Opening stock What number is purchases What number is closing stock What number is COGS


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