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Question;SUSTAINABILITY AND FINANCEAnswer the below questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy or rephrasepassages from the text or websites. Do research to get information you need (e.g. Google,Google Scholar, PSU library online). Cite your sources either in the text or in a list ofreferences at the end of your assignment.You should write at least 3 pages (font: 12,spacing: 2).1) Define "sustainable finance" and give an example of how a company can be moresustainable in investment or financing decisions. Why is it important forcompanies to adopt sustainable practices in general? Explain. (3 points)2) What are environmental, social or governance (ESG) risks? Give an example foreach. Take one of the companies you analyzed in HW 1. Which environmental,social or governance (ESG) risks could this company be facing at the moment orin the future? Explain. (5 points)3) Considering all your knowledge of investment and financing, how should thecorporate finance department of the company discussed in 2) address these ESGrisks? Give at least one example. (2 points)


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