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Assignment ? I Subject: Business Finance Course code & number: FINA 321 Course: BSc Business




Question;Assignment ?;I;Subject: Business Finance;Course code & number: FINA;321;Course: BSc Business;College: College of Business;Administration;Students Name;Student;I.D. number;Student?s Signature;Submitted To: Dr. Ashutosh Kolte;Class;Total;Marks;Marks;Achieved;10;Assignment ?;I;Q1. What is Business Finance or Corporate;Finance? What are the functional areas under Business Finance? (CLO 1);Q2. Write detailed note on Analysis of Financial;Statements: (CLO 1);Q3. A;company has $ 200,000, 6% debentures outstanding today. The company has to;redeem the debentures after 5 years and establishes a sinking fund to provide;funds for redemption. Sinking fund investments earn 10 % p.a. the investments are made at the end of;each year. What annual payment must the firm make to ensure that the needed $ 200,000;is available on the designated date? (CLO 2);Answer;Q4. A company offers to pay you annually $;4007 for 5 years if you deposit 16,000 with the company. What interest rate do;you earn on deposits? (CLO 2);Answer;Q5. Calculate total;present value of Following Cash flows assuming a discount rate of 10%;Year Cash Flows in $;1. 5000;2. 10,000;3. 10,000;4. 3,000;5. 2,000;(CLO 2);Answer;Year;Cash Flow (CF)in USD;Present Value Factor;(PVF)at 10 %;Present Value (CF X PVF);1;5000;0.9091;2;10,000;0.8264;3;10,000;0.7513;4;3,000;0.6830;5;2,000;0.6209;Total Present Value


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