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Question;5. (Chapter 12) The Burdell Wheel and Tire Company assembles tires;to wheel rims for use on cars during manufacture of vehicles by the automotive;industry. Burdell wants to locate a low-cost supplier for the tires he uses in;his assembly operation. The supplier will be selected based;tires, and the company operates 250 days a year. The following;data are available for two suppliers being considered.;Shipping;Annual;Price;Annual;L ead;Annual;Supplier;Shipping;Holding;Time;Administrative;Quantity;/unit;Costs;Cost/unit;(days);Cost;L;exington Tire;2,000;$18,000;$41;$8.20;7;$14,000;Irmo Auto;1,500;$22,000;$40;$8.00;5;$18,000;Using the Total Cost Analysis for Supplier Selection, which supplier;should Burdell choose? Provide details to justify your answer.;6. (Chapter 13) In a short;paragraph, explain in what ways reverse logistics management is more difficult;than the management of more typical supply chain flows.;7. (Chapter 15) Auto Data;produces custom engineering testing equipment. The following six orders are;currently in the design department;Time Since;A rrival;Process Time;Due Date;Job;(weeks ago);(weeks);(weeks from now);A;5;2;7;B;6;8;16;C;7;4;4;D;4;10;17;E;2;5;15;F;3;12;18;a. Create a schedule using the first-come first-serve (FCFS) rule;calculating the average flow time and average weeks past due.;b. Create a schedule using the earliest due date (EDD) rule;calculating the average flow time and average weeks past due.;c. Which rule gives the best schedule based on average flow time and;average weeks past due?;8. (Chapter 16);a.;Complete the inventory record;below for an FOQ of 200 units.;b.;Discuss weaknesses of MRP. List at least three and explain each in;a sentence or two.;Item: A;Lot Size: 200 units;L ead Time: 2 weeks;W eek;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;G ross;120;150;110;150;130;160;130;150;Requirements;Scheduled;200;200;Receipts;Projected;On-hand;Inventory;50;Planned;Receipts;Planned;O rder;Releases;Note: Problems 1 (+5 bonus), 2;7, and 8 worth 15 points each and;Problems 3, 4, 5, and;6;worth 10 points each.


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