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FIN - Anything over 10 PPM of Mercury is & Polluted




Question;1 Anything over 10 PPM of Mercury is & Polluted Use an IF function to return the answer "Polluted" or "Not Polluted" in column DLakeSuperiorHuronMichiganErieOntarioMercury PPMStatus9 Not Polluted17 Polluted3 Not Polluted14 Polluted10 Polluted2 A Q Rating over 50 is Popular. Use a function to return a value of "Popular" or "Not Popular" in Column D.(2 pts)TV StarJim BelushiTina FeyTyler PerryAlec BaldwinQ Rating31867449Popular?Not PopularPopularPopularNot Popular3 Average Temperatures over 70 make the climate "Tropical" and under 70 is "Moderate." Fill in column D with a function.(2 pts)LocationPhiladelphiaLANYMinneapolis(3 pts)3132333435363738394041424344 (3 pts)45464748495051525354 (3 pts)5556575859606162636465666768 (5 pts)Avg Temp67787243Climate4 Standard letter grades are assumed to be anything 90 and above is an A, anything in the 80s is B, etc.Create a vlookup function to return the appropriate letter grade in Cloumn D.Then use the "IF" function to determine pass or fail in column E. (Anything 60 or over is passing.)LetterNameScoreGradePass/FailBob72Sara95Chris49Tina56LaToya88Vikram93Jose85Chantal82Joe68Rachel905 As we know, sites may install a lot of tracking programs on our computer. Set up a vlookup function to rate the following sitesbased on a scale where up to 20 trackers are "low," 21 to 50 are "moderate," 51 to 70 are "warning" and over 70 are "terrible." TrackersRating187058114716 Use a vlookup to calculate each person's school tax bill, based on the assumption that a house assessed at more than $1,000,000 pays20,000/year, one assessed from $750,000 to 999,999 pays 17,000/year, one assessed at $500,000 to 749,000 pays $12,000/year, andproperties assessed at less than $500,000 pay $7,000 per year.NameJonesJohnsonNguyenRamirezO'BrienPatelCohenWilsonAssessment School Tax$565,000$250,000$1,250,000$789,000$723,000$2,234,000$512,000$129,0007 Graph the data from problem 5 so that it looks like the one in the assignments area, and display it below


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