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Question;Problem Statement - a statement of the problem including a rationale for the study. This section will be worth 20 out of 100 possible points for the research report. If your research project topic/scope is not approved by end of week #4, your group/you will lose 5 points. Therefore, when the final research project report is graded, the maximum credit for the problem statement is fifteen points. If your research project topic/scope is not completely defined and approved by end of week #5, you will lose ten points out of 20. If your research project topic/scope is not approved by end of week #6, no points will be awarded for this section of the report.Background Information - identify the history of the problem, relevant secondary research, etc., through a review of literature (called literature review). Research articles can be found in the library, Internet, and other libraries that you have access to. Must review minimum of SIX articles or publications other than the required course textbook. This section is worth ten points. By end of week number six, the results of your literature search should be summarized and submitted. The summary report status should list each reference and provide one or two sentence description of the relevance of the reference material to the research project topic. Any late submission of summary status report beyond end of week #6 results in losing five points. This implies that at the end of the semester, when research report is being graded, the maximum points earned for this section is 5 points.Description of the Methodology - address how you collected your data, e.g., experimental design. This section is worth 10 points.Statistical Analysis - include print-outs in appendix. This section is worth 40 points. In this section, it is expected that you can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the application of statistical analysis learned in this course. Throughout this semester, we will discuss different types of statistical analysis tools such as confidence interval for one population parameter (population mean and population proportion), confidence interval for difference between parameters (means/proportion) of two populations, test of hypothesis for one population mean/proportion, test of hypothesis comparing two population means/proportions, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Factorial Design of Experiment, Randomized Block Design of Experiment, goodness of fit test, test of independence, regression analysis, correlation analysis, and etc. At minimum five of these types of analysis should be included in this section of the research report. Keep this requirement in mind, as you define the topic and scope of your research project and submit your research project problem statement for approval. Any problem statement that do not include minimum of five types of statistical analysis methods to analyze the data will not be approved and will be asked to be revised before it gets approved. This requirement should be taken under consideration as research project data is being considered for collection. Please also remember that meeting the minimum requirements, typically, results in an average grade. Excellent research project grade requires quality research work.Conclusions - decisions drawn from your statistical interpretations, the ramifications of your research, and recommendations for the future. This section is accounts for 20 points of your research project report.Research;Problem Statement;Background ?;Crime is the US happens every second, whether it is a violent crime, robbery;rape or murder, these crimes are happening all over the country. Different;states have different crime levels. Do certain factors like weather, geography;and population affect where crimes happen? My research paper intends to answer;that question. I will use descriptive statistics, confidence interval, as well;as other statistical analysis methods we will learn throughout the semester.;Objectives-;?;Find;which geographical locations have the highest crime rate;?;Research;which crimes are more prevalent in certain locations;?;Does;warm weather increase or decrease crime rates;?;Find;out which factors affect crime more then others;?;Which;gender is more prone to certain crimes;Type of data;that will be collected;The data that;will be collected will statistics on crime all over the country. The statistics;I will look at will be geographically crime rates, crimes taking place in each;location, weather of each location, types of crimes committed and crime rate;increase/decrease over the last 5 years.;Source of data;The sources of;data to be used will be from state and federal crime rate analysis, information;on crimes committed by each gender, crime charts from each geographical region.;Types of;statistical analysis that will be conducted to analyze the data;The statistical;data that will be conducted will use certain factors like race, income, gender;location and population to use for a regression on crime rates. This will help;determine if these factors have anything to do with crimes being committed.;These stats will also help show if one gender is more prone to certain crimes;than another. It will also show what race is prone to committing which crimes. The specific statistical analysis will use;methods we learned throughout the semester as well as ones we will learn. The;methods to be used will be population parameter, test of hypothesis for;population mean, regression, correlation analysis and test of hypothesis;comparing two population means.;What you expect;to find related to the objective(s) of the project;I expect to find;what crimes are more prone to happen due to geographical location, with my;thought being that the colder the weather, the more prone to crime a region is.;I also expect that men will have more violent crimes then females. I expect;that female crimes will be mostly domestic violence or theft.


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