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FIN - Gemini, Inc., an all-equity firm




Question;Gemini, Inc., an all-equity firm, is considering a $1.67 million investment that will be deprecito the straight-line method over its four-year life. The project is expected to generate etaxes and depreciation of $601,000 per year for four year. The investment will not change tthe firm. The company can obtain a four-year, 8.2 percent loan to finance the project from aprincipal will be repaid in one balloon payment at the end of the fourth year. The bank will c$51,000 in flotation fees, which will be amortized over the four-year life of the loan. Iffinanced the project entirely with equity, the firms cost of capital would be 14 percent. Therate is 30 percent.Using the adjusted present value method, calculate the APV of the project. (Enter yodollars, not millions of dollars, i.e. 1,234,567. Do not round intermediate calculatioyour final answer to 2 decimal places. (e.g., 32.16))


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