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PLease assist me with completing this series of ta...




PLease assist me with completing this series of take home questions!,PLease assist me with these four questions, the instructions are outlined on the Excel file and each question requires that you show the calculations (if any) by inseting the formulas into Excel as such, each question is on a different worksheet in this workbook The sooner you can get back to me the better~!,PLease verify which document I sent you and the amount pledged to complete such,PLease verify which document I sent you and the amount pledged to complete such,OK- thanks a bunch, I must have forgotten to attach the other file; it has like nineteen multiple choice questions and is fairly straightforward, I was assumiung that you would do them both * a total of 23 questions for $30? I attached herein, i did one already just select the correct answerf from the multiple choice selections by highlighting it in yellow for me, THANKS!,I realize I forgot to attach the Word document when I initially sent the request for assistance however: I am waiting for your confirmation... Can you handle the assignment as amended from the intial presentation when I neglected to attach the mnultiple choice portion,I forgot to attach the file complement, (a word document) attached herin. My intial offer of $30 was based on the completion of the entire assignment (two parts). As it is, one attachment is all that you can send per message. The first part of the assignment, (Excel file w/ 4 questions)was sent with the iuntial contract. The complement file is attached herin and contains no more than twenty multiple choice questions (actually 19 as I completed one already) Total work should require less than thirty minutes. Nultiple choice questions: just highlight the best answer in yellow. Please confirm that you can handle this entire assignment by noon on June 10, 2012.,Still awaiting a reply,To cpmmunicate with me going forward, please send all email messages to,here is the next assignment, p[lease respond to,PLease respond with your progress on the intial attachment: "Questions for CourseHero I ~06_10_12.xls",PLease respond with the initial document answers as discussed on 06/08/12: the excel document is still not finished and the word document you sent me had FIVE INCORRECT RESPONSES ON IT! I reattached the original excel document in question as it is still incomplete and remains unfinished!,Outstanding, the last one you completed was 100% accurate. However, the multiple choice questions were only 75% accurate, NOT GOOD as I submitted most of the work after review and I did find concerns with at least three of the five that were incorrect. Next time we will do better? YES WE WILL you are the greatest assistant in the entire academic woirld! You rule! Thanks!!,Absolutely, no worries on the incorrect answers though, not everyone is perfect and the wording she applied to that multiple choice refview was fairly manipoulative in nature, I mean presenting all the different possible response that may be accurate in a gioven scenatrio as likely choices within a single quewstion is in my opinion, manipulating the examanation of the respondant's conceptualization of the theory in question. Just shoot straight and cut threough all the games you know? SE la vie~!


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