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FIN 8 multiple choice questions




Question;Question 1;Multiple Choice;5 points;Which would give you the greatest future value?;Semiannual;compounding;Monthly;compounding;Quarterly;Compounding;Daily;Compounding;Question 2;Multiple Choice;10 points;Your company borrows $4,000,000 on a short term loan.;Interest will be 5%, compounded monthly. They will repay the loan each month;over the next 4 years. How much will the payments be?;$91,735;$92,117;$221,273;$1,010,438;None of the;above;Question 3;Multiple Choice;5 points;All of the following are examples of current assets EXCEPT;Accounts;receivable;Cash;Accruals;Inventory;Question 4;Multiple Choice;5 points;The ________ represents a summary statement of the firm's;financial position at a given point in time.;Income;statement;Balance;sheet;Statement;of cash flows;Statement;of retained earnings;Question 5;Multiple Choice;10 points;To pay for her college education, Gina is saving $4,000;each year for the next five years in a bank account paying 13 percent;interest. How much will Gina have in that account at the end of 5th year?;$25,921.08;$29,290.82;$15,897.89;$14,068.92;Question 6;Multiple Choice;5 points;Which of the following best describe capital markets?;the name;given to the most prominent and busiest exchanges located in a nation's;capital city;markets;trading securities with maturities beyond one year;markets trading;commercial paper;short term;maturity markets, mostly trading T-Bills;Question 7;Multiple Choice;5 points;Retained earnings on the balance sheet represents;Net profits;after taxes;Cash;Net profits;after taxes minus preferred dividends;The;cumulative total of earnings reinvested in the firm;Question 8;Multiple Choice;10 points;Your grandfather placed $5,000 in a trust fund for you. In;35 years, the fund will be worth $10,000. What is the rate of return on the;trust fund, if interest is compounded quarterly?;2%;8%;.5%;200%


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