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Question;4. The NFL?s Houston Oilers left Texas to;become the Tennessee Oilers for the 1997 season.;They;changed their name to the Tennessee Titans;and moved into their new Adelphia Stadium for;the;1999 season. Interestingly, their;lowest-priced individual tickets were priced at $12;while their;lowest-priced season ticket cost $250.;Given that there are only eight home games, why didn?t;fans just buy individual tickets rather;than season tickets? Is this price discrimination;or not?;Explain.;5. In addition to the lowest-priced;arrangements in the last question, the Tennessee Titans?;highest-priced individual tickets in 1999;were $52, while the highest-priced season ticket;was;$2,500. Relative to the lowest-priced;arrangements, is the highest-priced arrangement;price;discrimination? Why? Suppose that the;$2,500 included a $1,000 personal seat license. Is;this;price discrimination compared to charging;no personal seat license? Explain.;9. Why would it be inadvisable for sports;teams to sell all of their seats as season tickets;even if they;could? That is, why don?t as many teams as;possible aim for season-ticket only sellouts;for the;season?


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