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Question;1. (TCO E) Which of the following correctly completes this sentence? ?The value of any asset is the __________________ of all future cash flows it is expected to provide.? (Points: 5)liquidation valuebook valuefuture valuepresent valuemarket value2. (TCO A) Which is the correct sequence of financing for the last three stages of a venture? (Points: 5)First-round financing, additional financing such as an IPO, seasoned financingStartup financing, first-round financing, seasoned financingVenture financing, follow-on financing, seasoned financingBank financing, operational financing, venture lease financing3. (TCO A) During the rapid-growth stage of a venture?s life cycle, the primary source(s) of funds are (Points: 5)investment bankers, business angles, and business operations, venture capitalists, business angles, and suppliers and operations, government assistance, suppliers and customers, and venture capitalists.commercial banks, investment bankers, business operations, and suppliers and customers.None of the above4. (TCO C) EBDAT is equal to which of the following? (Points: 5)Revenues ? variable costs ? cash fixed costsRevenues + variable costs + cash fixed costsRevenues ? total costs + ending cash balanceRevenues + variable costs ? cash fixed costsRevenues ? variable costs ? total fixed costs5. (TCO G) Growing ventures seeking loans specifically to acquire fixed assets such as machinery would access this type of funding through which of the following U.S. Government Small Business Administration programs? (Points: 5)The 7(a) programThe 504 programA Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)A private SBIC6. (TCO F) HausBier Brewery licenses beer-brewing technology that produces 300% of the amount of beer from the same amount of hops as standard processes. This promising technology is intoxicating to investors who seek to buy the firm?s stock in its first capital-raising campaign. If HausBier Brewery had an enterprise value of $10 million before investors make a $4 million investment (expecting a 50% return), what will the firm?s post-money valuation be? (Points: 5)$16 million$6 million$12 million$22.5 million$14 million7. (TCO B) Which form of business organization typically offers the easiest transfer of ownership? (Points: 5)ProprietorshipLimited partnershipCorporationSubchapter S corporationGeneral partnership8. (TCO B) Which form of business organization is characterized as having unlimited life? (Points: 5)ProprietorshipLimited partnershipLimited liability corporationSubchapter S corporationGeneral partnership


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