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Question;Assignment 1: Complexities of the U.S. Financial SystemDue Week 4 and worth 200 pointsThe U.S. financial system has many complexities, and it is impacted by several environmental factors, including federal regulations and the economy. Write a two (2) page paper in which you:Briefly describe one (1) way the U.S. financial markets impact the economy, one (1) way the U.S. financial markets impact businesses, and one (1) way the U.S. financial markets impact individuals.Briefly explain the primary roles of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and the Federal Reserve Board. Indicate each party?s effectiveness in today?s economic environment. Provide support for your explanation. Briefly explain two (2) ways interest rates influence the U.S. and global financial environment. Provide at least one (1) example of such influence for both the U.S. financial environment and one (1) example for the global financial environment.


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