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Strayer FIN100 week 5 Lab Assignment 4: Chapters 9 and 10




Question;Lab Assignment 4: Chapters 9 and 10;1.;value:5.00 points;Sprint;Nextel Corp stock ended the previous year at $47.36 per share. It paid a;$3.37 per share dividend last year. It ended last year at $42.89.;If you;owned 950 shares of Sprint, what was your dollar return and percent return? (Negative answers should be indicated with a minus sign.;Round your percent return answer to 2 decimal places.);Dollar;return;$;Percent;return;%;2.;value:5.00 points;Rank;the following three stocks by their total risk level, highest to lowest. Night;Ryder has an average return of 11 percent and standard deviation of 24;percent. The average return and standard deviation of WholeMart are 12;percent and 29 percent, and of Fruit Fly are 17 percent and 25 percent.;Rank;Stock;1;(Click to select);Night Rider;Whole Mart;Fruit Fly;2;(Click to select);Night Rider;Fruit Fly;Whole Mart;3;(Click to select);Fruit Fly;Whole Mart;Night Rider;3.;value:5.00 points;Compute;the expected return given these three economic states, their likelihoods, and;the potential returns: (Round your answer to;2 decimal places.);Economic;State;Probability;Return;Fast;growth;0.32;38;%;Slow;growth;0.34;12;Recession;0.34;?31;Expected;return;%;4.;value:5.00 points;Suppose the Japanese stock market bubble peaked at 53,200 in 1989. Two;and a half years later it had fallen to 22,500.;What was the percentage decline?(Negative answer;should be indicated with a minus sign. Round your answer to 2 decimal;places.);Market decline;%


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