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New England Airlines Assignment




Question;New England Airlines Assignment;This exercise is designed to give you;the opportunity to work on and develop your valuation skills. It asks you to estimate the enterprise value;and equity value of New England Airlines.;You should use both multiples and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation;techniques, where appropriate and information is available.;Your final deliverable must contain three;printed documents and be no longer than four pages;1. A cover page that includes your names and Babson?s honor code, signed by;all team members;2. The Excel spreadsheet you created and used to determine value (please;print your multiples valuation analysis on one page and your DCF valuation;analysis on a second page), and;3. A very brief Word document, no longer than one page, explaining your;results.;Please do not put your documents in any type of elegant binder, a staple in the;upper left corner is sufficient.;The exercise can be completed in teams;of up to 3 members (selected by you), and is due by the beginning of class on;Monday, November 10.


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