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Question;Northern Arizona;University;Managerial Accounting;and Financial Analysis;BBA 290 ? on-line;Fall 2014;Term Research Paper;Student?s name;Briefly, Financial Accounting exposes the;student to external reporting and the procedures necessary for preparing;external financial statements referred to as Generally Accepted Accounting;Principles (GAAP). In Managerial;Accounting the focus of our attention shifts to internal reporting and to the;interpretation of financial information.;The main focus of Managerial Accounting;and Financial Analysis is to expose typically non business major students who;are now seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree to the history of;accounting and GAAP while introducing the student to the internal reporting;guidelines necessary to adequately interpret financial information. As a result, we have looked at accounting and;financial information by concentrating on: 1) what accounting information is;2) what this information means, and, 3) how this information is used.;During the first week of this course, you;were asked to obtain an annual report (Chapter 1, Homework, E1.1). Now it is your job to evaluate your annual;report by applying some of the financial analysis techniques you have learned;during this semester. Based on the;profitability measures, liquidity measures, activity measures, and financial;leverage measures outlined in your text, you are to evaluate your corporation?s;annual report. Prepare an analysis table;based on the ratios used to interpret an entity?s financial position and;results of operations from each of the four categories. You?re to conclude your term/research paper;by discussing the results of your ratios as they apply to your annual report.;Points;10__ 10 1. Select an Annual Report ?;Secure an Annual Report from a corporation of your choosing. The article should;be selected from;a national magazine, approved by the instructor, and pertain to business;issues. The Annual Report should reflect;the corporation?s financial from a most recent year(s) end. The Annual Report was due as part of the;homework for Chapter 1 (Exercise E1.1).;15__ 15 2. Minimum length and Format ? The;term/research paper must be a minimum of 1,500 words in length and;should not exceed;1,500 words. The paper is to be typed;double-spaced, and should be at least five to six pages in length in order;should not exceed 2,000 words. The;term/research paper must be completed and submitted in Microsoft Word using APA;5th edition style.;20__ 20 3. Grammar ? The paper will be;graded (in part) based on proper spelling, grammar, and structure. All papers;should be submitted electronically and;contain such other things as tables, graphs, pictures, and other data;necessary to fully explain and enhance;the paper.;25__ 25 4. Review of Annual Report ? Most;of the paper?s content (60% to 70%) should deal with a complete review of;the Annual Report from the auditor?s point;of view. Be objective and be conscious;of avoiding plagiarism.;20__ 20 5. Annual Report Interpretation (Opinion);? The balance of the paper (25% to 40%) should be based on your;interpretation of;the Annual Report. Be sure to differentiate;between the auditor?s data and your interpretation of their data.;10__ 10 6. Overall Impression ? Neatness;clarity of thought, substantiation of your interpretation, and the overall;impression of logical thought will be;considered in the final evaluation. The;student should insure that the;thoughts presented clearly cover the topic;and inform the reader of all pertinent facts concerning the Annual;Report.;5__ 5 7. Early/Late Papers ? Late papers will;not be accepted. The final paper is due;no later than December 1, 2014;at 11:59 PM (submitted;electronically).;100__ Total;Points Earned (maximum 100);Evaluation


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