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Question;Review Test Submission: Quiz 3 3/12/14, 11:39 AM;H Review;Test Submission: Quiz 3;Week;3;Question 1 1;out of 1 points;Liquidity Ratios The top part of Mars, Inc.'s 2008 balance;sheet is listed below (in millions of dollars).;What are Mars, Inc.'s Current ratio, Quick ratio, and Cash;ratio for 2008?;Question 2 1;out of 1 points;Which one of the following is unlikely to have a high;capital intensity ratio?;Question 3 1;out of 1 points;A firm ended the year with an average collection period of;50 days. The firm's credit sales were $11 million. What is the firm's year-end;balance in accounts receivable?;Question 4 1;out of 1 points;Profitability Ratios PJ's Ice Cream Parlor has asked you to;help piece together financial information on the firm for the most current;year. Managers give you the following information: sales = $50 million, total;debt = $20 million, debt ratio = 50%, and ROE = 12%. Using this information;what is PJ's ROA?;Question 5 0;out of 1 points;Sustainable Growth Rate You have located the following;information on Tyler Company: debt ratio = 50%, capital intensity ratio = 1.5;times, profit margin = 9%, and dividend payout ratio = 40%. What is the;sustainable growth rate for Tyler?;Question 6 1;out of 1 points;This measures the number of days accounts receivable are;held before the firm collects cash from the sale.;Question 7 1;out of 1 points;Liquidity and Asset Management Ratios Green Products, Inc.;has current liabilities = $40 million, current ratio = 2.4 times, inventory;turnover ratio = 8 times, average collection period = 40 days, and sales = $320;million. What is the value of their cash and marketable securities?;Question 8 1;out of 1 points;Which ratio measures how many days inventory is held before;the final product is sold?;Question 9 1;out of 1 points;This ratio measures the number of dollars of sales produced;per dollar of inventory.;Question 10 1;out of 1 points;This refers to the amount of debt versus equity a firm has;on its balance sheet.;Question 11 1;out of 1 points;This ratio measures a firm's ability to pay of short-term;obligations without relying on inventory sales.;Question 12 1;out of 1 points;Market Value Ratios Fancy Paws' year-end price on its common;stock is $20. The firm has a profit margin of 12%, total assets of $20 million;a total asset turnover ratio of 0.5, no preferred stock, and there are 2;million shares of common stock outstanding. What is the PE ratio for Fancy;Paws?;Question 13 1;out of 1 points;The maximum growth rate that can be achieved financing asset;growth with new debt and retained earnings is called the __________.;Question 14 1;out of 1 points;To interpret financial ratios, managers, analysts, and;investors use the follow type of benchmarks;Question 15 1;out of 1 points;For publicly traded firms, these ratios measure what;investors think of the company's future performance and risk.


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