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Question;Prepare the following Portfolio;Select one of the organizations below.;1.;CH2M HILL COMPANIES;LTD;2.;MEDTRONIC INC;3.;LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS;INC;Directions;?;You will write a paper;12 to 15 pages in length, well-written, and formatted per APA Style.;?;Research your;selected organization using 5 to 10 credible sources, at least three of them;scholarly. You can find historical company financials at the SEC.GOV website.;?;Conduct an analysis of;your selected organization's accounting and financial issues per the following;elements;1) Describe the company?s organization.;Provide key statistics and graphs regarding employees, customers, trading;volume, and share price for at least the last three years. At a minimum;provide measures of central tendency and dispersion.;2) What was your organization's stock;price over the last three years? Generate a scatter plot with the;vertical axis being the price and the horizontal axis the time. Interpret the;scatter plot. Interpret whether the company's stock price foreshadows any;problems or shows only positive gains for the company.;3) What were some of the organization's key;financial ratios for the last three years? Interpret them. At a minimum, you;should discuss earnings per share, liquidity ratios, debt ratios, return on;assets, and return on equity ratios. Interpret what these financials mean and;if they are indicative of any problems that the company may be experiencing.;4) In your estimation, will this;organization be around for a while or is it destined to fail? What quantitative;evidence can you show for your choice? At a minimum, you should discuss;the elements of accounting, finance, probability, and statistics that indicate;that the organization is either going to last or fail.


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