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FIN - Analyzes of a company that has been Indicted for Fraud




Question;Create a research report that identifies and analyzes a company that has been indicted for fraud. The report also will evaluate the auditor?s role in relation to the fraud.1. To conduct your research, choose as a case study one of the companies listed below:- Just for FEET, Inc. (the company I have chosen)2. Your report must describe the issues surrounding the company and any company policies in relationship to the impact those might have on public audits/accounting.3. Provide the following elements in your paper:- An executive summary identifying the company, the fraud, the affected stakeholders, and the ultimate resolution.- A brief history of the company.- An analysis of the auditor?s role in the fraud, including any auditing standards that the auditors did not follow.- Identification of internal controls that were circumvented or lacking and that could have prevented the fraud.- Identify accounting policies currently in effect that are designed to prevent similar problems from occurring again, or, if no policy exists, propose a solution that would prevent a recurrence.Your research report should be 8- to 12-pages long.Cite at least two sources other than the textbook. Please Note: You may not use Wikipedia as a source.Your report must be formatted to APA requirements.


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