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Question;Susan is planning to accumulate;$400,000 by the end of 40 years by making 40 equal annual deposits. If she;can earn an annual compound rate of 20% on her investment, how much must each;deposit be in order to accumulate the $400,000? Choose the closest answer.;$20;$55;$45;$10,000;$732.67;What is the;present value of a perpetuity that pays $5,000 annually when the required;rate of return is 9.3%?;$465;$5,465;$95;$53,763;Find the;present value of $40,000 to be received 5 years from now discounted at 8%;quarterly.;$8,136;$18,528;$654,057;$26,918;If a;borrower promises to pay you $4,000 8 years from now in return for a loan of;$2000 today, what effective annual interest rate is being offered?;8.29%;9.05%;no solution;7.42%;You purchase an;asset for $1,000 today. Interest on the investment will be compounded monthly;at 8% for 6 years. What will be the value of this investment when it matures?;$254,986;$1,469;$1,614;$1,587


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