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This article discusses earnings management in the post-SOX period




Question;This;article discusses earnings management in the post-SOX period. Please;answer the following questions in about 3-4 pages double spaced in;total.Explain the purpose of the article, the method used by the author to conduct the study and the overall conclusions reached.On;page 61 toward the bottom in the paragraph that starts with ?as such;GAAP could no longer be regarded?..? Do you agree with this position?;Why or why not? Do you think this is fair to managers who simply want to;follow GAAP? Why or why not?Do you personally think conservatism has increased since SOX? Why or why not?The;author states ?auditors will not use the audit opinion to police bad;business practices, even if they involve earnings management?. How do;you explain that? Do you agree with the auditors? position? Why or why;not?


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