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UMUC ACCT301 week 8 dsicussion




Question;1. How will our ACCT 301 course and related activities, including the SEC 10-K project, assist you in future courses?;2. Do you have an interest in any taking any additional accounting courses?;You are eligible, upon successfully;completing ACCT 301, to enroll in ACCT 320 Fraud Detection and;Deterrence. After ACCT 320 you may wish to enroll in ACCT 440 Forensic;and Investigative Accounting. These courses do not include Journal;Entries. ACCT 320 is general and designed for non accounting students.;ACCT 440 focuses on the role of the expert witness, interviews, and the;management of evidence.;You may wish to consider a minor in;Fraud Investigation, which would include ACCT 301, 320, and 440 plus two;specific criminal justice courses for a total of 15 credit hours.


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