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Kaplan GB519 unit 1 assignment




Question;The Unit 1 Assignment includes the following textbook problems:Exercise 1-33 ? found on page 29 in your textbookProblem 2-56 ? found on page 62 & 63 in your textbookProblem 3-52 ? found on page 92 in your textbookProblem 3-53 (Case A ? ONLY) ? found on page 92 in your textbookDo not provide short answers to the questions. Provide a thorough analysis, using good critical thinking. Provide support for your answers using independent references.Your Assignment must be submitted in a single Word document. Your analysis must be 2 to 3 pages in length (Not including the title page and references). APA formatting is required, including a Title Page with properly formatted running head. A reference page is required. Several documents to help you create the proper APA formatting for the title page, running head and the reference list are located in Doc Sharing. In addition, the Kaplan Library has a series of great tutorials to help with formal writing.Abbreviated versions of the individual problem question titles may be used as headings to organize your analysis. Sub-headings may certainly be used and are specifically encouraged within each question for additional organization of your analysis. A properly formatted Reference List is required, and all references in the list must appear within the body of your Assignment in properly formatted citations. NOTE: Do NOT include the problem narrative in your analysis. You may use an abbreviated heading that references the problem number and a brief description.Name your assignment filename using this format: LastName_FirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName. For example, the Unit 1 Assignment would be named:Smith_John_Unit01_AssignmentAssignments submitted late will be subject to the Late Policy described in your Syllabus. Extensions may be possible under legitimate extenuating circumstances, but all requests for extension MUST be made BEFORE the Assignment is due.The Unit 1 Assignment Rubric has been provided in Doc Sharing. The rubrics are an integral part of all assignment instructions. Please review the rubric document for a complete understanding of how your assignments will be assessed. Doing so will help you successfully complete your assignments.


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