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Question;There are two Assignments for this unit. Please read this section carefully for completing the Assignments.Unit 4 Assignment 1Read the following articleAgans, R., & Shaffer, L. (1994). The hindsight bias: The role of the availability heuristic and perceived risk.Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 15(4), 439-449. ?This article can be located by using the Kaplan Online Library article search feature. Clickhereto access the Kaplan Library.You may also access the Kaplan Library by following these instructions:Click theAcademic ToolstabClickOnline Library.Log in to your accountRead the narrative for Exercise 11-24 ? found on page 437 in your textbook.After you have read the Article and Narrative, prepare a response to the following Requirements:Assume that you are a business consultant hired to advise Earth Baby, Inc. (EBI) on the proposed venture from Great Deal, Inc. (GDI). Your task is to analyze the proposal and make a recommendation to either accept or reject it. Your presentation must include critical thinking and analysis supported by evidence using independent references. Your analysis must also include any biases that might be relevant to the proposal. The article reading may provide special insight for this requirement.The analysis must be Word document, 2 to 3 pages long, not including the Title Page and Reference List. The analysis must be presented in proper APA, 6th Edition formatting, including a Title Page with properly formatted Running head. A ?Conclusion? section is also required.Do not provide short answers to the questions. Provide a thorough analysis, using good critical thinking. Provide support for your answers using independent references. Do not present this assignment in ?Memo? format. The assignment requires formal analysis not an informal memorandum.After you have completed the assignment, upload your Word document to the Unit 4 Assignment 1 Dropbox before Tuesday, 11:59p.m. (ET) of Unit 4. Name your assignment filename using this format: LastName_FirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName. For example, the Unit 4 Assignment would be named:Smith_John_Unit04_Assignment1Assignments submitted late will be subject to the Late Policy described in your Syllabus.The Unit 4 Assignment Rubric has been provided in Doc Sharing. The rubrics are an integral part of all assignment instructions. Please review the rubric document for a complete understanding of how your assignments will be assessed. Doing so will help you successfully complete your assignments.Unit 4 Assignment 2 ? Case Study, Part 2Click the Document icon below for directions on completing Unit 4 Assignment 2 ? Case Study, Part 2;Part 2;Turn in Part 2 of the case;study at the end of this unit.;The second and final part;of the case study is due at the end of Unit 4. Part 2 of the case study is a;PowerPoint presentation with voiceover recording. The Voiceover will be the;narrative you would be presenting as if this were a live presentation. You;will, in essence, be making a presentation to the Board of Directors of your;organization.;Your;Unit 3 - Part 1 of the Case Study will be the basis for your PowerPoint;presentation. If you have not submitted the Unit 3 ? Case Study Part 1;assignment, you will not be eligible to submit the Unit 4;? Case Study Part 2.;Like the Unit 3- Case Study;Part 1 ? your PPT Presentation should;-;Begin with a brief review of the organization. Keep in mind that the members of;the board may or may not have read the report you completed in Parts 1 of the;Project. Even though this will be a brief presentation, it should include all;essential information and data.;-Be based on the Readings;create a balanced scorecard, incorporating all four of the organizational;dimensions (financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth).;Identify 3-5 critical success factors (CSF) for each dimension, and evaluate;your organization?s performance in relation to these critical success factors.;(To help you with this part, review the material found on pages 11, and 43;through 51 in your textbook. Your BSC should resemble Exhibit 2.5 in the;Textbook, page 45).;-Identify significant costs;in your organization. Which of these costs are associated with quality?;Remember, quality costs are not limited to manufacturing organizations. There;are also costs associated with the quality of service. Are there costs;associated with environmental concerns? Evaluate these quality and;environmental costs and identify whether they are prevention costs, appraisal;(detection) costs, internal failure costs, or external failure costs.;-Create a ?Strategy Map?;for your organization. Your organization?s Strategy Map should resemble Exhibit;2.6, seen on page 47 of your textbook. Include an explanation for each element;in your Strategy Map. One thing to particularly note ? The BSC and Strategy Map;must be aligned. Please compare Exhibit 2.6 & 2.7 on pages 47 & 48 in;the textbook. Please note that the elements in the BSC & the Strategy Map;are coordinated.;-Next, incorporate a;discussion of Sustainability, as seen on pages 48 to 51 in your textbook. Use;specific measures for Environmental (EPI) and Social Performance Indicators;(SPI).;-Include a section devoted;to Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis (CVP) Review Chapter 9 in your textbook. The;level of detail you include in this section is flexible. But, make sure your;analysis is related to actual financial data from the company.;-Finally, end with a;summary review (A formal ?Conclusion? slide is required) of the performance;evaluation. What are the key strengths and weaknesses of the organization? What;changes would you recommend be made to the current organizational strategy?;Additional;content could include: A discussion of any potential biases that could;potentially impact the outcome of the decision-making process related to the;continued success of the organization.;The Power Point;presentation should include 12 ? 14 slides. The first slide must be a Title;Slide, and the Final Slide must be your Reference List. The presentation itself;(voiceover) should be 10 to 15 minutes long. In addition to recording the;Voiceover, the text of your Voiceover must be written into the ?Notes? section;of each slide. Proper Grammar and spelling will be an important part of the;assignment. So, be sure to perform a ?Spell Check.?;Important;Note: One of the most important techniques to use in any PowerPoint;presentation is to create clean, crisp slides that use a minimal number of;?bullet points.? If the slide is too cluttered, the presentation suffers.;Therefore, the ?Notes? section underneath each slide should be the place where;all of the topics in that slide are thoroughly developed. Do not add the body;of your presentation to the slides. Only incorporate the main ?talking points,?;then use the Notes section to add all of the body, thereby creating a more;professional and robust presentation.;After you have completed;the case study, upload your PowerPoint presentation to the Unit 4 Assignment 2;Case Study Dropbox before 11:59 p.m. (ET), on Tuesday of Unit 4.;Name your assignment;filename using this format;LastName_FirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName.;For example, this Assignment will be named;Smith_Joan_Unit04_Assignment2_CaseStudy2.;Assignments submitted late;will be subject to the Late Policy described in your Syllabus.;The Unit 4 Assignment Two Rubric;has been provided here and in Doc Sharing. The rubrics are an integral part of;all assignment instructions. Please review the rubric document for a complete;understanding of how your assignments will be assessed. Doing so will help you;successfully complete your assignments.;Unit 04 Project Case Part Two;Rubric;2;Unit 4? Assignment 2;[GB519 | Measurement and Decision Making];Category/Description;Points;Points;Instructor Additional;Possible;Earned;Comments (If necessary);Part (1) Title & Reference;slides.;5;Part (2) Organization;Introduction;5;Part 3) Balanced Scorecard;5;Part (4) Strategy Map;5;Part (5) Sustainability;5;Part (6) CVP Analysis;5;Part (7) Conclusion;5;Part (8) Twelve to 14 slides;5;Part (9) Voice over = 10 to 15;minutes;5;Subtotal;45;Critical;Thinking/Format/Grammar/Spelling;3;Slides crisp ? uses bullet points, uncluttered;3;All text for Voice Over included;in ?Notes?;4;Final Score;55


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