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Question;The Unit 6 Assignment includes the following textbook problems:BRIEF Exercise 18-22 ? found on page 791 of your textbookProblem 20-37 ? found on pages 886-887 in the textbookFirst question 18-22:Phelps Glass Inc. has;reported the following financial data: net revenues of $10 million, variable;costs of $5 million, controllable fixed costs of $2 million, non-controllable;fixed costs of $1 million, and untraceable costs of $500,000. The accounting;manager has supplied you with these data and asked you to come up with the;controllable margin, total contribution, CPC, and operating income.Second question 20-37:Incentive Pay in the Hotel;Industry Kristin Helmud is the general manager of Highland Inn, a local;mid-priced hotel with 100 rooms. Her job objectives include providing;resourceful and friendly service to the hotel?s guests, maintaining an 80%;occupancy rate, improving the average rate received per room to $88 from the;current $85, achieving a savings of 5% on all hotel costs, and reducing energy;use by 10% by carefully managing the use of heating and air conditioning in;unused rooms and by carefully managing the onsite laundry facility, among other;means. The hotel?s owner, a partnership of seven people who own several hotels;in the region, want to structure Kristin?s future compensation to objectively;reward her for achieving these goals. In the past, she has been paid an annual;salary of $72,000 with no incentive pay. The incentive plan the partners;developed has each of the goals weighted as follows:Measure Percent of TotalResponsibilityOccupancy rate (also;reflects guest service quality) 20%Operating within 95% of;expense budget 30%Average room rate 30%Energy use 20%100%If Kristin achieves all of;these goals, the partners determine that her performance shouldmerit a bonus of $30,000.;The partners also agree that her salary will need to be reduced to $60,000;because of the addition of the bonus. The goal measures used to compensate;Kristin are as follows:Occupancy goal: 29,200;room-nights 5 80% occupancy rate 3 100 rooms 3 365 daysCompensation: 20% weight 3;$30,000 target reward 5 $6,000$6,000 4 29,200 5 $0.2055;per room-nightExpense goal: 5% savingsCompensation: 30% weight 3;$30,000 target reward 5 $9,000$9,000 4 5 5 $1,800 for;each percentage point savedRoom rate goal: $3 rate;increaseCompensation: 30% weight 3;$30,000 target reward 5 $9,000$9,000 4 300 5 $30.00 for;each cent increaseEnergy use goal: 10%;savingsCompensation: 20% weight 3;$30,000 target reward 5 $6,000$6,000 4 10 5 $600 for each;percentage point savedKristin?s new compensation;plan will thus pay her a $60,000 salary plus 20.55 cents perroom-night sold plus $1,800;for each percentage point saved in the expense budget plus $30 for each cent;increase in average room rate plus $600 for each percentage point saved in;energy use. The minimum potential compensation would be $60,000 and the maximum;potential compensation for Kristin would be $60,000 1 $30,000 5 $90,000.Questions Required1. Based on this plan, what;will Kristin?s total compensation be if her performance results area. 30,000 room-nights, 5%;saved, $3.00 rate increase, and 8% reduction in energy use?b. 25,000 room-nights, 3%;saved, $1.15 rate increase, and 5% reduction in energy use?c. 28,000 room-nights, 0%;saved, $1.00 rate increase, and 2% reduction in energy use?;2. Comment on the expected;effectiveness of this plan. In what way, if at all, would you change the;compensation weights?Submit your Assignment using a single Excel workbook. Place each exercise/problem on a separate tab (sheet). You must properly format Excel for the Journal Entries. And, for any discussion component (as in Part 2 of Problem 20-38), ?Insert? a Textbox and use that to present your discussion on the Excel spreadsheet.The Kaplan math Center provides extensive help to you when you need additional training in the use of Excel spreadsheets. Most of the Unit assignments will require you to use Excel, you are strongly encouraged to gain additional Excel expertise by taking advantage of the great video & document training tutorials and live tutoring resources available through the Kaplan Math Center. After you have completed the assignment, upload your Excel spreadsheet to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox before Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. (ET) of Unit 6. Name your assignment filename using this format: LastName_FirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName. For example, the Unit 6 Assignment would be named:Smith_John_Unit06_AssignmentAssignments submitted late will be subject to the Late Policy described in your Syllabus.The Unit 6 Assignment Rubric has been provided in Doc Sharing. The rubrics are an integral part of all assignment instructions. Please review the rubric document for a complete understanding of how your assignments will be assessed. Doing so will help you successfully complete your assignments.Remember to ?Rename? your Excel spreadsheet tabs. Failure to do so may result in a reduced score. ="msonormal">


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