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Income tax quiz 2




Question;Your quiz has been submitted successfully.;Ch 2 TF;Question 1 1;/ 1 point;The IRS is not required to make a letter ruling public.;True;False;View Feedback;Question 2 1;/ 1 point;The following citation is correct: Larry G. Mitchell, 131;T.C. 215 (2008).;True;False;Question 3 1;/ 1 point;A taxpayer must pay any tax deficiency assessed by the IRS;and sue for a refund to bring suit in the U.S. District Court.;True;False;View Feedback;Question 4 1;/ 1 point;Deferring income to a subsequent year is considered to be;tax avoidance.;True;False;Question 5 1;/ 1 point;In recent years, Congress has been relatively successful in;simplifying the Internal Revenue Code.;True;False;View Feedback;Ch. 2 MC;Question 6 1;/ 1 point;Which items tell taxpayers the IRS?s reaction to certain;court decisions?;Notices.;Revenue Procedures.;Revenue Rulings.;Actions on Decisions.;Legislative Regulations.;Question 7 1;/ 1 point;Which company does not publish citators for tax purposes?;John Wiley & Sons.;Commerce Clearing House.;Research Institute of America.;Westlaw.;Shepard?s.;Question 8 1;/ 1 point;Which court decision carries more weight?;Federal District Court.;Second Circuit Court of Appeals.;Memorandum U.S. Tax Court decision.;Small Cases Division of U.S. Tax Court.;U.S. Court of Federal Claims.;Question 9 1;/ 1 point;Which of these is not a correct citation to the Internal;Revenue Code?;Section 211.;Section 1222(1).;Section 2(a)(1)(A).;Section 280B.;All of above are correct cites.;Question 10 1;/ 1 point;In addressing the importance of a Regulation, an IRS agent;must;Give equal weight to the Code and the Regulations.;Give more weight to the Code rather than to a Regulation.;Give more weight to the Regulation rather than to the Code.;Give less weight to the Code rather than to a Regulation.;None of the above.


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