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Strayer Fin100 week 1 and 2 discussions




Question;Week 1;Financial Concepts and;Financial Crisis" Please respond to the following;?;Explain at least two (2) ways;financial systems and markets have had an impact in your life in the past or;may impact you in the future.;?;Determine at least one (1) course of;action the Federal Reserve can take to minimize the negative impact that a;financial crisis could potentially have on the U.S. economy. Provide support;for your response.;Week 2;Banks and the Federal Reserve;System" Please respond to the following;?;Take a position on whether federal;regulation helps or hurts U.S. banks. Provide support for your position.;?;From the e-Activity, compare the main;types of consumer and economic information each Website provides. Explain why;you believe these sites list the same or different information.


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