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Strayer Fin100 week 3 and 4 discussions




Question;Week 3;?;5;Economic Policy and International Finance" Please;respond to the following;?;From the first e-Activity, explain;whether you believe it is U.S. consumers or policy makers who affect the money;supply the most. Provide a rationale for your response.;?;From the second e-Activity, identify;the two (2) countries that you researched and each country?s exchange rate.;Indicate which country?s exchange rate would be the most favorable for business;operations. Provide support for your rationale.;Week 4;Gross Domestic Product (GDP);and Interest Rates" Please respond to the following;?;From the e-Activity, identify the;most significant U.S. GDP results and trends for the most recent three-year;period. Indicate the key factors that you believe have had an impact on the GDP;increase or decrease. Provide support for your rationale.;?;The Federal Reserve Board has kept;the federal rate to a nominal rate in recent years. Explain the rationale for;this behavior, indicating the effectiveness on financial markets.;Bottom of Form


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