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Strayer Fin100 week 5 and 6 discussion




Question;Week 5 discussion;Time Value of Money and;Annuity" Please respond to the following;?;From the e-Activity, create a;personal scenario that exemplifies the time value of money that includes the;opportunity cost involved.;?;Describe one (1) real-life example;that shows the manner in which a person can use an annuity for retirement;planning.;Week 6;Week 6 Discussion"Financing, Valuation, and Rating Agencies" Please;respond to the following;?;Suppose you were given an opportunity;to own a business of your choosing. First, briefly describe your business, then;explain the most efficient way to raise capital to either start or expand your;business. Provide support for your response.;?;Determine at least two (2) key advantages;of equity financing compared to debt financing options. Provide a rationale for;your response.


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