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Strayer FIN100 week 9, 10 and 11 discussion




Question;Working Capital and Short-Term Financing" Please respond to the following:Determine the single greatest challenge to a small business? working capital. Identify at least two (2) methods this small business could use to address the identified challenge. Provide a rationale for each method that you identified.Explain the major economic and / or other salient business environmental factors that are likely to impact the availability of short-term financing for a given business. Provide support for your rationale."Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure" Please respond to the following:Discuss two (2) pros and two (2) cons of a business applying different capital budgeting techniques when it is faced with making wealth-maximizing decisions around investing corporate funds. Provide at least one (1) example that illustrates the potential consequences of a business deciding to apply a single technique to all corporate investment decisions.Identify the most efficient capital structures for both a manufacturing company and a software development firm. Provide a rationale for your response."Course Wrap-Up" Please respond to the following:Summarize two (2) new areas of knowledge you gained during this course.Discuss the manner in which these two (2) new areas of knowledge will benefit you in your current or future career.="margin:>="margin:>


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