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We are going to deploy some of the things we learned in the TVM module




Question;You are going to construct a calculator that finds the amount needed to be saved every year until your student starts college based on the following information. When done your calculator should solve for the yearly savings needed based on the following inputs:- ROR Expected (the expected rate of return on your investments)- Education Inflation Rate (the expected inflation rate for college expenses)- Wage Inflation Rate (the rate you expect your salary to grow)- Years Until College Starts (self explanatory)- Current Annual Cost of College (the current out of pocket estimate if college started now)I have populated the 5 variables above with some sample data to make it easier to visualize while you build your calculator.We are going to deploy some of the things we learned in the TVM module to figure out what SERIAL PAYMENT needs to be made each year if we want the payment to grow along with our salary and we want to start saving today (begin mode).We also want to have amassed all funding needed so that once college starts we no longer have to be putting aside any more money. Using proper Excel equation entering techniques, populate the S HADED cells from C12 to C24 with the equations needed to find the correct answer.1. Use the FV function to find the estimate for out of pocket expenses when college starts (cell C12)2. In cells C13-C15 enter equations to find the out of pocket expected costs for years 2-4 of college3. In cell C16 find the total amount we need at the start of college to fund all 4 years. Hint: it is NOT simply the sum of cells C12-C15. Remember we are earning a ROR on that invested money all through college.4. Since we are dealing with SERIAL PAYMENTS we need to use the FV in TODAY's DOLLARS for the funding need. In cell C20 convert the FV to TODAY's DOLLARS by discounting it back with the PV equation. We use the Wage Inflationrate for this type of PV calculation. Refer to Lecture 3 in Module 3 if you need a refresher on this topic.6. When figuring the PMT on Serial Payments we use an IARR so calculate the IARR for this problem in cell C227. Solve for the PMT using the proper Excel function in cell C24 (answer using sample data should be $1,600.18 if you did everything correctly)Hint: Leave all cell formatting alone. I have it set to display properly by default. use proper Excel referencing and equations for full points.Inputs:ROR ExpectedEducation Inflation RateWage Inflation RateYears Until College StartsCurrent Annual Cost of College9.00%6.00%3.00%18$8,000Calculations for Funding Goal:Future Cost of College Year 1Future Cost of College Year 2Future Cost of College Year 3Future Cost of College Year 4Total Needed at College StartCalculations for Serial Payment:PV of Funding NeedIARRPayment to Meet Goalgrowing each year by 3.00% assuming payment at the beginning of each year (starting now)


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