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Question;MT482 Financial Statement Analysis Unit 4 Assignment Rubrics;Complete the Case Study: Inventory Valuation in the Film;Industry;For this Assignment, turn to page 259 in your textbook;(Chapter 4 of Financial;Statements Analysis) and complete Case 4-1, Inventory;Valuation in the Film Industry;? Columbia Pictures;This is a challenging activity. You should prepare to spend;substantial time;working on your response.;Directions for Submitting Your Project;Before you submit your project, you should save your work on;your computer in a;location, and with a name, that you will remember. Make sure;your project is in the;appropriate format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other);then, when you are ready, you;may submit on the Dropbox page.;MT482 ? Unit 4 Assignment: Columbia Case 4-1;Content, Analysis;Points;Possible;Points;Earned;? Response includes accurate information regarding;the main determinants of the valuation of feature;films, television programs, and general release;feature productions by Columbia Pictures.;? Response includes accurate information on the;reasonableness of the bases of valuation.;? Response includes the additional information on;inventory valuation that an unsecured lender to;Columbia Pictures would wish to obtain and any;analyses the lender would wish to conduct;15;? Response includes appropriate analysis of the bases;of valuation and other areas of analysis that a lender;would wish to conduct;9;Correct spelling and grammar 6;Total Points Earned 30


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