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kaplan mt482 unit 1 and unit 2 discussions




Question;unit 1 discussionDiscussion 1Write a summary of your findings from your job research. In addition, comment on the skills and knowledge that you have acquired during the last couple of years that have prepared you for a job in the financial industry.Discussion 2Each week the Topic 2 Discussion thread will be dedicated to the Term Project. You will be able to freely discuss the Assignment as a group in the thread. Your instructor will provide material each week to help focus the discussion and aid you in completing the term paper. This week the Discussion thread will focus on a discussion of our company choices and, as a group, choose one.unit 2Topic 1One step in assessing the quality of earnings is to look for red flags. An example of a red flag is a significant increase in accounts receivable without commensurate growth in sales (that is, accounts receivable turnover decreases). List and discuss at least five other red flags the astute analyst might look for, explain why each is a red flag, and identify where the analyst might find this information.Before you answer this question, conduct research in order to find an example to share related to this topic. Using your example, discuss how monitoring the financial results of a company?s competitors over time might help raise or explain red flags.Topic 2Term Project DiscussionThis week, led by your instructor, sources of financial information for the company selected will be discussed. Each student should post at least twice in this thread.This section lists options that can be used to view responses.="color:>


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