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kaplan mt482 unit 3 and unit 4 discussion




Question;unit 3 topic 1Topic 1You are considering purchasing a company - assets, liabilities, warts, and all. You are aware that sometimes liabilities do not always show up on the balance sheet. Discuss five examples of liabilities that may not be explicitly recognized on the balance sheet, making sure to explain why they are liabilities.Topic 2Term Project DiscussionResearch the topic of ?liquidity,? and discuss how liquid the project company is at this time. Your instructor will add related material to the conversation. Each student should post at least twice in this thread.unit 4 Topic 1Analysts maintain that two of the most important ratios are inventory turnover and accounts receivable turnover.You are analyzing ABC Company, a computer manufacturer. You notice that inventory turnoverthis year is significantly lower than prior years. You also notice that accounts receivable turnover is significantly lower this year when compared to previous years. Provide three explanations that would be consistent with your observation for inventory turnover and include an explanation of whether these would be of concern to you, as well as what the effect might be on next period's financial results. In addition, provide three explanations that would be consistent with your observation of the accounts receivable turnover, and also explain whether these would be of concern to you.Topic 2Term Project DiscussionResearch and discuss the topic ?capital structure.? Then analyze and discuss the capital structure of our term project company. You must post at least two substantial posts in this thread.


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