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Financial Management Problem - Three years ago, you founded your own company




Question;Three years ago, you founded your own company. You INVESTED;$100,000 of your MONEY and received 5 million shares of Series A preferred STOCK.;Since then, your company has been through three additional rounds of financing.;Round Price ($) Number of Shares;Series B 0.50 1,000,000;Series C 2.00 500,000;Series D 4.00 500,000;a. What is;the pre?MONEY valuation for the Series DFUNDING round?;b. What is;the post?MONEY valuation for the Series DFUNDING round?;c. Assuming;that you own only the Series A preferred STOCK (and that each share of all;series of preferred STOCK is convertible into one share of common stock), what;percentage of the firm do you own after the last funding round?


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