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Question;Financial Accounting ACCT202 Capstone Project ?;An Overview;At North, all of our ACCT202 ?Financial;Accounting II courses are encouraged to have some type of capstone project;incorporated into the course. Your course has adapted with some modification the;continuing analysis problem found in your textbook as the capstone project that;meets our needs.;Before starting this project I want to emphasize;how important this project is to North?s accounting department and its ability;to design, deliver and update courses that meet student needs while having some;sort of overarching evidence that students are learning. This important project;also provides accounting students with an opportunity to demonstrate that they;can ?pull everything together? in a professional and learned way in regards to;their experiences in ACCT201 & ACCT202. If we accept that accounting, as;defined, is a system of identifying, recording, and communicating economic;events of the firm so that interested users can make decisions, then it should;be clear that this project focuses on using all you have learned about;identifying transactions, recording those transactions and preparing financial;statements so that you can now use that knowledge for the end game- analyze;financial statements in order to make sound business decisions regarding;the firm.;Therefore, this;project requires you to step up your level of professionalism, written;communication, research and analysis. In this project we?re looking for the;ability to analyze accounting information and prepare a professional written;report. We?re looking for the writing process and communications necessary to;be successful in the business community. In the business community it?s;important that we avoid giving one line answer that fail to allow a reader or;customer to grasp the impact and importance of what we are communicating.;Likewise, in this project, brief incomplete concepts and statements;unsupported conclusions and less than professional written communication will;not be acceptable.;In preparing your written response in this;project ? I want you to remember at all times that you?re either taking the;role of a Wall Street analyst who has tens of people listening to your advice;and depending on what you say, these people might invest tens of millions of;dollars based on your analysis and recommendations. Or, you might want to think;of yourself as a highly compensated vice president of a commercial bank making;decisions to loan millions of dollars to a company based on your analysis of;the company future ability to sustain itself, grow and ultimately repay the;loan. Either way, your analysis must to be thorough and your concluding;statements and recommendations have to be clear, supported by verifiable source;data or calculations.;In all aspects of this project you are required;to show your own work. Simply Googling the ratios, using some other;investment web site or printed research report issued by a brokerage firm or;bank and turning it in as your own, will not work. In fact the use of such;tactics and submitted response will be considered a form of plagiarizing and;could result in you receiving a failing grade or other sanctions imposed by the;college. In the written/analysis portion, keep in mind the importance of the;writing process and communication necessary in the business community - and;take a professional approach to this answer. Please visit the LOFT on campus if;you need assistance in writing professional level papers. You can also visit;the business librarian if you need assistance doing college level research.;These resources are both available to online students who cannot come to campus;via links in Canvas to the Loft Writing Center Plus and to the NSCC Library;Resources.;1);Compute the;ratios in the exhibit on page 3 for Target and Walmart for 2010. The financial;statements can be found in the annual report ? visit each company?s website;then go to investor relations to access the online report. For both companies;assume that all sales are credit sales. Compare the ratios of Target and;Walmart. Which company do you think is doing a better job in managing the;following? Explain your answers.;a. Liquidity;b. Net income or loss;c. Financing with debt or equity;d. Investing in assets;e. Rewarding its stockholders;2);Compute;Target?s ROE for the year ending January 29, 2011, including the elements of;net income/sales, sales/average total assets, and average total assets/average;stockholders? equity. What does this analysis tell you about how Target;generates its ROE?;3);What are;Target?s dividends per share and dividend payout ratio for the last two years?;Why do you think Target pays a dividend? How do you think Target determines the;amount of dividend they will pay?;4);Given;Target?s stock price was $50 per share at the end of January 2011, what was;Target?s PE ratio as of that date? If the average PE for companies is 15, what;does this tell you the market is saying about Target?s future?;5);Research;Target for any important issues including ethical issues which it may have had;to deal with in the last three years ? evaluate the company?s response to these;issues.;6);Looking;back over your answers to questions 1 ? 5, how do you think Target is;performing? What is the short term (one year) and long run (five+ year);financial outlook Target? Would you buy the stock of Target? If so, why? If;not, why not? On the other hand, if you were a commercial banker, would you;lend money to this company? Support your conclusions with a summary of your;research and analysis.;7);Do you have;any ideas of how to improve Target?s performance and its value?


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